2019 VW Tiguan Allspace Full Review – Highline and R Line

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Volkswagen is not among the favorite carmakers in the US after scandal with diesel engines. However, the quality and reliability of the German vehicles were never in doubt. The company is still very popular. The scandal didn’t make it stop from developing new models and features. Well, it made them work harder not only in the US. The result is the new 2019 VW Tiguan Allspace.

This is a three-row version of the compact crossover that arrived in 2018. However, the 2019 VW Tiguan Allspace will upgrade and fix all lacks of the previous edition. That includes a better interior layout that should bring more comfort. Also, the company will create more space in the storage area. The SUV comes with a petrol engine as the base offer, whilst diesel and hybrid remain the optional units.

2019 VW Tiguan Allspace

2019 VW Tiguan Allspace Specs

The standard 2019 VW Tiguan Allspace will come with a 1.4-liter petrol engine. A four-cylinder engine is sending the power to front wheels. It pairs a six-speed manual transmission. The combination is good for 150 horsepower and 140 lb-ft of torque. Buyers will be able to pick automatic instead of a manual gearbox. It is a seven-speed transmission. All-wheel drive is again missing on Allspace.

2019 VW Tiguan Allspace Diesel

Better mileage of almost 10 mpg could make every buyer think about the engine choice. That is the first and the most important upgrade of the diesel engine. Also, there is a torque boost, that will go over 230 lb-ft from a 2.0-liter TDI drivetrain. Power output is 150 horses, as for the petrol unit. Transmissions are the same, with manual coming as the base, and DSG unit is optional. Emissions are higher, as well.

Top of the range 2019 VW Tiguan Allspace SUVs will have a special tuning of the 2.0-liter engine. It will be able to deliver 190 hp and almost 300 lb-ft of torque.

2019 VW Tiguan Allspace to Appear as Hybrid

Again, the standard petrol engine could be used for building a hybrid drivetrain. A 1.4-liter unit will pair an electric motor to create at least 220 hp. The concept is almost ready for production, and test mules are on streets. Also, the vehicle is going to appear in a PHEV variant that will have a range of 31 miles. However, this was the first time when we hear about the PHEV concept. The range is definitely got a boost by now.

2019 VW Tiguan Allspace rear

2019 VW Tiguan Allspace Hybrid and EV Release Date in the US

The regular Tiguan in the US is offering a three-row configuration. For the rest of the world, it is Allspace. So, building a hybrid and PHEV variant means the regular SUV will get the same in the US. Wrong. VW is not going to offer either hybrid or a plug-in variant in North America. Instead, their plans are to build an all-electric vehicle and launch it there. Well, this is not happening so soon. After 2020 we could see first vehicles of this kind in the US. Until then, 2019 VW Tiguan Allspace hybrid will get the first feedbacks from European buyers,

2019 VW Tiguan Allspace Interior

Volkswagen is going to refresh the interior of the 2019 VW Tiguan Allspace. Compared to its predecessor, it has the same size and volume of the cabin. Nevertheless, a new layout will make more legroom for taller persons in second row. Well, the compact crossover can’t offer to much space on back seats. The last row is suitable for children and not adults. Furthermore, if you don’t need seating capacity, but space for more cargo, you can always fold the third row down.

2019 VW Tiguan Allspace storage

2019 VW Tiguan Allspace Highline

Top of the class trim level for the 2019 VW Tiguan Allspace will be Highline. In this version buyers will get some premium features and the latest assist equipment. Easy access with a keyless start and entry is standard. Inside the vehicle an 9-inch touchscreen display will welcome a driver. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are highlights of the infotainment system. Adaptive cruise control is pretty helpful, as well as the monitor for blind spots. Leather is covering seats and steering wheel. Outside, we find 19-inch wheels. No other Allspace can offer bigger rims.

2019 VW Tiguan Allspace Release Date

The 2019 VW Tiguan Allspace is coming in July. Then, we will know everything about the crossover. Audio system, additional features, and of course, price, are the most interesting information. Well, the cost of 2019 Tiguan Allspace is predictable if we compare it to its predecessors. In the UK, the vehicle should be available from 30,000 pounds. Probably the peak of popularity for the Allspace will be in Australia. There, SUV will cost at least 55,000 AUD, and Highline model will go above 70k AUD.


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