2023 Volvo XC100 News and Updates

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It is no secret that the Swedish carmaker is planning to expand the range of crossovers and SUVs. Currently, the XC90 is the largest vehicle in the lineup. The mid-size SUV is going to get a bigger sibling, the 2023 Volvo XC100. Besides the full-size model, the carmaker will also bring a crossover smaller than XC40.

The main reason why Volvo is considering this move is competition. The XC90 is ‘only’ 195 inches long. There are plenty of other models with 200+ inches, which provides more interior space, for occupants and cargo. So, the XC100 is something the company is going to discuss in foreseeable future. Still, this is not an easy project and the SUV won’t be out before 2023.

2023 volvo xc100 concept

2023 Volvo XC100 Specs

If the 2023 Volvo XC100 really happens, it won’t be too competitive with a four-cylinder engine. Even 400 horsepower, the maximum output the turbocharged and electrified unit can produce, is not enough to stand against Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, Toyota Land Cruiser… Volvo will need a larger block, although the T8 setup creates the same amount of power as V8 mills of the abovementioned premium SUVs. The PHEV is definitely something we would like to see from the XC100, but that will be the whole new system, based on the fresh drivetrain.

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Size and Styling

The XC100 is going to be the largest Volvo ever. This project comes alongside the smallest unit for the crossover segment. Two vehicles will share a lot of things in common and the carmaker could use the same patterns for their development. A huge grille, premium interior, and reliable engine are columns of the company’s tradition. So, it is not too much to expect the same from the 2023 Volvo XC100.

2023 volvo xc100

2023 Volvo XC100 Release Date

The new model is not coming any time soon. We will have to wait at least two more years before the Volvo sets a debut for the XC100. Autoblog reports that SUV is coming by 2023.

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