Toyota Sequoia and 4Runner are Getting Android Auto

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In 2018, Toyota launched its first vehicle compatible with Apple CarPlay. It was Avalon sedan. Ever since this function has been expanding to other vehicles in the Toyota and Lexus family. Fans and owners of Android phones were waiting for the other combability app for their devices. Now, the Japanese company confirmed the arrival of Android Auto for Sequoia and 4Runner SUVs, as well as for the Tacoma and Tundra trucks.

Apple CarPlay Available for Euro-Spec Models as Well

Toyota is also working on expanding the list of the vehicle that will use the new feature. Also, the company plans to make a few models in the European market compatible with the new addition. Android Auto will be available for Yaris and Aygo cars. The new app will be added for other vehicles as well, but we still don’t know the schedule. For example, Toyota is yet to bring Apple CarPlay for Australian versions of some nameplates offering it in the US.

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Is Android Auto Going to be Standard Feature?

Standard or optional, Toyota hasn’t decided yet. We see Apple CarPlay as an additional feature, but with the arrival of the Android Auto, both services could become a part of the base offer. Still, the Japanese company will have to confirm that. The speed of technology evolution requires the integration of smartphones to SUVs. With Android Auto, Toyota is making a big step. On the other hand, the new parts will increase the price of any model. The change is not going to be significant, but fans are already mulling about the cost of their vehicles.

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What Are We Getting With Android Auto in Toyota Sequoia and 4Runner?

Toyota rarely uses parts from other companies. They develop their own engines. That is why we don’t see long-awaited diesel models. Also, the Japanese carmaker also developed its infotainment system, called Entune. For some while, bosses refused to add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But now, more and more owners required these features.

Android Auto will make the life of a driver much easier. Integration of a new system will simplify the use of navigation and entertainment features. Voice controls of Android Auto are ahead of the Toyota Entune system. Plus, you can easily text or make calls. Music and streaming controls are more relaxed for the driver.

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Further Additions

Toyota is not stopping here. Besides the expansion of lineup that will offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, they will also launch new possibilities. For example, Amazon Alexa and smartwatches will bring some hands-free controls and features, such as lock/unlock, trunk opening, or starting the vehicle. In the future, we could see more of these features, as well as the higher level of autonomous drive.

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