4Runner Next-Gen Off-Road SUV to Arrive in 2023

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Toyota approved the TNGA-F platform and it will soon head to production. That means many vehicles will go into a new generation and the first of them will be Tundra truck. According to preliminary reports, the pickup arrives late as 2022 YM. The same season will bring the premiere of models for the next year, and among them is the 2023 4Runner.

The sales of the off-road seven-seater SUV are stagnating and this move will move the vehicle from the standpoint. Well, a lot of things will depend on other debuts. Toyota also plans to launch new generations of Land Cruiser, Sequoia, and Lexus GX.

2023 4Runner

2023 4Runner Release Date

The new 4Runner is about to arrive in 2023 and the sales will start early that year. Well, these are the first plans. We could see five or six new models, which is somehow too much, even for Toyota. Still, the TNGA-F architecture is ready for the next generation of big vehicles. But it is not all since designers and engineers will have a lot of work making new engines and concepts.

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What is the TNGA-F Platform?

The TNGA is an acronym for Toyota New Global Architecture. Launched in 2015, it underpins over 800 combinations of the company’s vehicles. The TNGA-F is the future concept and the F standard for the frame. As you can notice, we mentioned all the big rigs that will use a body-on-frame platform. The new generation of the TNGA steps into the market late in 2020, when the first prototypes of Tundra truck are going to be tested.

2023 4Runner

2023 4Runner Lighter, Hybrid SUV

The new TNGA concept is focused on a few things. First of all, bodies of the upcoming models, including the 2023 4Runner, will be lighter. Also, the new architecture allows Toyota to install hybrid and PHEV drivetrains, and these are definitely the future of the automotive industry. It will be interesting to see if the Japanese carmaker can keep off-road skills of its big vehicles and use electric powertrains.

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