Twin-Turbo V6 (I-Force Max) Replaces V8 for the 2022 Toyota Sequoia

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We were talking about big cosmetic updates. Well, the largest SUV in the family is the oldest one as well. It clearly needs a huge redesign. But, the engineers started from the engine room. The new I-Force Max engine is launched and the first vehicle to get it is Tundra truck. Based on the pickup, the 2022 Toyota Sequoia is definitely a favorite to be the next one to get an engine update.

A lot of things are in the mix for the Japanese brand. However, this is something we saw coming. Rumors are not all about imaginary things, but the speculations based on the inside info. For example, replacing a V8 is one of the options for a long time. Now, with the I-Force Max out, it is definitely happening.

2022 Toyota Sequoia v6

Tundra is Getting a V6, Lexus LX as Well

In a short period of time, the Japanese carmaker branded two new items. First we saw the Lexus LX 600, which is an obvious successor of the LX 570. We were wondering if the carmaker is after 600 hp, or a 6.0 engine is replacing an existing 5.7-liter unit. Then, Toyota filed for a new brand – I-Force Max. It turned out to be a twin-turbo V6 engine. Experts didn’t ask for extra time before delivering the inside info – this unit will be the power source for all the big vehicles by this carmaker.

2022 Toyota Sequoia Redesign Starts From the Engine Room

So, not only Tundra and LX, but also the 2022 Toyota Sequoia and Land Cruiser can count on the power from the twin-turbo drivetrain. For these two cousins, the update is not stopping here. Designers will also bring new looks, interiors, more space, features… More updates are coming during 2020. The bad thing is that the price will surely go up. But, bring it on Toyota… just refresh its full-size segment already!


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