Turbocharged V6 Replaces V8 on the 2022 Land Cruiser

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As you could read already, the new Tundra truck is getting the I-Force Max engine. According to the first information, this is a twin-turbo drivetrain, that will be the new power mill for all the big rigs. This means the 2022 Land Cruiser is finally solving one of the biggest downsides – the fuel economy. However, the new engine’s specs are not confirmed yet, and it could also appear in future SUVs.

It is hard to speak of Toyota Land Cruiser. This nameplate appears in three different versions in the US, Europe, and Japan. Plus, there is a smaller Prado model. The fact is – Toyota is not happy with the sales in the main market. On the other hand, the company did not change it for a long time. So, the new 2022 Land Cruiser, besides the new engine, should start the new generation. Can we finally see the Land Cruiser 300 series? Probably. But not so fast.

2022 Land Cruiser i force max

Release Date

There are two different conclusions. Fans and enthusiasts are relying on speculations based on the new foundings. The upcoming engine is not enough for the next-gen SUV. On the other hand, it is a good start and the biggest step towards 2022 Land Cruiser 300 Series. Still, the SUV needs to update its interior. According to other sources, the Japanese carmaker will deliver the new generations of Tundra truck and 4Runner SUV. After these two, other big rigs will show up, and everything will end with 2025 Toyota Tacoma.

2022 Land Cruiser v6

2022 Land Cruiser V6 Specs

So, under the hood of the 2022 Land Cruiser will definitely be a V6. For a while, we can hear rumors that efficiency is the key part of the SUV’s update. But, fans were not sure if the company wants to sacrifice power and off-road performance. With the confirmation of the new I-Force Max Turbo V6 unit for Tundra truck, we know it is just a matter of time when it will show up on the Land Cruiser premium SUV.


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