2021 Toyota Venza Comeback Finally Happens

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We expected the comeback of the Venza earlier, but it seems like the time has finally come. The crossover is part of the big electrification plan and the Autoblog reports there are several other important updates in this segment. Still, the 2021 Toyota Venza draws the most attention.

According to rumors, the crossover will take an old idea – a compact crossover with seating for five. But, this time it will come with exclusively hybrid engines. Is this the new era of such vehicles? The compact class will offer a lot of hybrid models, but only as optional drivetrains to existing petrol units. The 2021 Toyota Venza will be the first hybrid-only model.

2021 Toyota Venza comeback

2021 Toyota Venza Specs

It is not too hard to predict what will be under the hood of the upcoming crossover. Rav4, the most efficient SUV in the market with 42 mpg of fuel economy, is getting the PHEV version. It will open space for the Venza to enter the market with a proven drivetrain, which will be better than most competitors still can offer. For example, the current Nissan Rogue can’t do better than 35 mpg. The new Highlander hybrid, the mid-size SUV 1,000 pounds heavier than Rogue, returns 35 mpg combined.

2021 Toyota Venza

What Will 2021 Toyota Venza Look Like?

This is a good question. The carmaker needs to update the styling from the previous generation. It’s been five years and many things changed meanwhile. Still, we don’t doubt Toyota. Its designers are working on the comeback and Venza will be ready for the next season.

2021 Toyota Venza concept

Release Date and Price

By taking the position in the compact hybrid class, we expect the 2021 Toyota Venza to get the price similar to the current Rav4. The best-selling crossover worldwide is priced at $27,000, which is more than fair for the class-leading mileage. Still, the fresh look and other upgrades could make the MSRP go up a bit. Still, do not expect Venza to cost more than $30k.


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