2020 Toyota Highlander Concept, Redesign, Hybrid

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We already wrote about the new 2019 Highlander. Whatsoever, the vehicle is older every day, and the crossover will need a huge update. The competition is growing as well. The new Subaru Ascent is a new player on the market, and it is always difficult for top models to keep the pace with new forces. Nevertheless, the Japanese company is capable to do so, especially since they plan the all-new 2020 Toyota Highlander.

So, when to expect Highlander’s redesign? In 2019, it seems like. The 2020 Toyota Highlander will appear again as a hybrid. However, the SUV will use a totally different concept. Changes on the 2020 Highlander leads to redesign, and finally to the new generation. The current one is third and dates back from 2013. After seven years, the major facelift is on the way.

2020 Toyota Highlander concept

2020 Toyota Highlander Concept

Highlander is a three-row mid-size crossover. The next edition is going to keep that spot. Toyota has no intention to move it to other segment or replace the SUV. However, the ides of redesign and the new generation is to make the vehicle better in every way. So, the 2020 Toyota Highlander will use a new concept.

Exterior Redesign

No radical changes will happen on the crossover. It will keep a hybrid drivetrain. Also, petrol lineup could see a refresh with a new unit joining the existing powertrains. An exterior facelift will make the 2020 Toyota Highlander more aggressive. The futuristic design could come from some of the numerous concepts Toyota presented during the last couple of years.


Inside, the big update will include the latest infotainment and entertaining features. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are certain features. Navigation will remain optional and available for top trims. Levels of equipment and accessories are not available yet, and we can expect first signs next year.

2020 Toyota Highlander badge

2020 Toyota Highlander New Engines to Improve Towing Capacity and MPG

We still don’t know if 2020 Toyota Highlander will keep any of current drivetrains. Changes are imminent, but it is still early to give the final results. In the first half of 2018, Toyota is making first tests, but everything is still far away from a production vehicle. Engineers will work to boost the power and fuel economy. Eventually, the 2020 Highlander will raise the bar from existing towing capacity and gas mileage.


With changes under the hood on the conventional, petrol model, 2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid can also use different system and combo. New units are going to boost overall performance. Furthermore, Toyota could use more suitable electric batteries to combine them with the gas drivetrain, resulting in the better specs.

2020 Toyota Highlander

2020 Toyota Highlander Price

Since a lot of details are still unknown, it is impossible to predict the price of the 2020 Toyota Highlander. Of course, these are the final details we find out about any new crossover SUV. So it will be with Highlander. However, modern features and redesign will definitely boost the starting cost. Furthermore, we have a new engine as an option, as well as the hybrid system. If everything changes, the new 2020 Highlander could cost significantly more. But, with already high price comparing to competition, Toyota must not go too far if they want to keep customers.


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  1. Love the 2020 Highlander concept model photo at the top of this article. But it never fails, car manufacturer’s never, never produce these. What a shame. I realize Toyota and other manufacturer’s can not go too far out on a limb with radical design because they are appealing to a wide demograophic, but what a shame they don’t take a chance on some major design changes. These would sell ! I would buy it in a heartbeat. And I am partial to Toyota due to reliability but am turned off most model years with their too conservative approach to design. Step out a little Toyota !

  2. Long term Honda Odessey owner with multiple purchases.Done with Honda.I currently have a 2014 Honda Odessey Touring.The Navigation is an absolute JOKE and the hands free phone is more dangerous than picking up your cell phone and dialing.Nice vehicle to drive interior is sub par for the price.Mileage not close to what is advertised.Looking forward to the new Toyota platform and their TNGA technology.Definitely looking at Highlander Hybrid for 2020.


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