The history of crossovers is not so long. This segment evolved pretty fast. In its early days, these were robust and big vehicles for an off-road drive. Also, this type of cars consumed too much fuel. Since the arrival of sport utility vehicles, this class raises too. The difference in the platform is the only thing that makes SUVs and crossovers not being the same types of cars. However, both classes grew very fast and became the best-selling sorts of vehicles in the entire industry.

Why? SUVs are offering the best combo of price, quality, specs, fuel consumption, comfort, and all other things. They are not the cheapest vehicles, the fastest, the most luxurious, or the safest. But, exotic cars lack the ride comfort. Premium cars are too expensive. Trucks can tow a lot but consume too much fuel. Crossovers achieve excellent results in all segments, and that combo is their main strength.

But, this class is growing every day. The next chapter in its development is creating all-electric models. All leaders in the market have bitten this hook. Tesla is, of course, already out with an offer, but soon will have a company.