2019 Tesla Model Y is Coming Earlier Than You Expected

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The popular carmaker announced the Model Y crossover. An electric SUV will meet all needs of its owners. Some while ago Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, presented a new idea that will be realized as a new electric SUV. Experts, fans, as well as the entire car industry is wondering when we can see it. Most reports are sharing the opinion of 2019 Tesla Model Y.

This company proves every day that cars can switch to “clean” energy that will not pollute and destroy the planet. With the new 2019 Model Y, Tesla will be closer to their goal – to diminish driving quality and traffic safety. Besides the official announcements, further details are still unknown. Of course, Tesla is always there with a lot of surprises and breathtaking features. We can see a new version of the autonomous drive, as well as better range.

2019 Tesla Model Y

2019 Tesla Model Y Price

Tesla already has a crossover in the offer. But, most people find the Model X way too expensive. So, the carmaker plans to make the price more affordable. The smaller electric SUV 2019 Tesla Model Y will do the job. Bosses in the company believe that such a car, due to the increasing popularity of small city crossovers, will surely attract a large number of people. Also, it will evolve the revolution with which we can witness with Model 3. By the way, the Model X costs $74,000. Compact Model Y will definitely go down for at least $10,000.

Release Date of 2019 Tesla Model Y

In 2017, highlights of the Tesla’s development were Model 3 and semi-truck. While presenting the sedan, Elon Musk, one of the first men in the company, announced the new crossover. He said he believes we will see it as 2019 Tesla Model Y. Nevertheless, further reports and rumors informed about the faster progress then anyone thought. But, we doubt this vehicle could come as the 2018 year model. However, the good thing is that Musk’s “belief” is not concerned about the delay, but earlier debut.

2019 Tesla Model Y chassis

2019 Tesla Model Y Features and New Technologies

It is always hard to predict anything about the Tesla’s new-comings. We believe that 2019 Tesla Model Y will use the architecture of the Model 3 sedan. However, we can’t say that the SUV will pick up everything from its sibling. It is larger and needs special tuning. Also, all the systems will need upgrades during 2018 to make Model Y more comfortable, safe, and convenient. So far, we could see conceptual art images and renderings. These are showing a vehicle without rearview mirrors. Instead, the SUV is going to use the camera, which is in order with Tesla’s reputation and the way of thinking.

2019 Tesla Model Y

2019 Tesla Model Y Autonomous Drive

The latest updates on the autonomous drive are promising. At this moment, this system uses 8 cameras and sensors that can detect objects 250 meters away. This is enough to make a ride comfortable and safe. In some occasions, it could be even better than with human’s input. However, for 2019 Tesla Model Y we could see further upgrades, and this vehicle could get autonomous drive system with auto parking feature.


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