2019 Skoda Vision X Concept of a Natural Gas Crossover

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While everyone expects to see the new Polar SUV from Skoda, the company develops the new crossover in silence. It is not happening because the new model is not important. Contrary, natural gas crossover sounds interesting and tempting to all fans, experts, and other enthusiasts. The concept of 2019 Skoda Vision X is there, with futuristic design, especially interior. Release date and price are unknown, and we will find these details after the SUV gets into production.

The 2019 Skoda Vision X will be a response to the growing problem – emissions. After critics towards Czech carmaker’s other vehicles Karoq and Kodiaq, this SUV should drop CO2 below 90 grams. This will settle critics for a while and give a chance to Skoda to improve their vehicles. From what we could saw in Geneva, Vision X is not going to be just an environmental-friendly SUV, but also pretty attractive. Glowing green color at the premiere drew attention, so there is no doubt this will be the main paint job of the production model.

2019 Skoda Vision X

2019 Skoda Vision X Concept

The idea of the concept is to build a compact crossover that uses natural gas in combination with an electric motor. Good start. But, there are also other parts on the SUV, and let’s be honest – is Skoda capable to pull it off? The Czech company is not a leader in the segment. However, they work together and have a strong support from Volkswagen, but they also have their similar concepts, including ID Crozz.

Whatsoever, we saw a decent vehicle at its premiere at Geneva Auto Show. The look, dimensions, interior, everything seems to be nice. It looks like 2019 Skoda Vision X will be choice of younger drivers, especially with all modern infotainment features in the cabin.

2019 Skoda Vision X side

2019 Skoda Vision X Design

As it is a badge, every company has its own design of a grille. Skoda is well-known for its butterfly design and there is no surprise when we saw it on the new SUV. The concept of the 2019 Skoda Vision X crossover has other attributes that most vehicles of this carmaker share. The SUV is pretty aggressive with 20-inch 3D wheels shown in Geneva. LED lamps are in the head- and taillights. Another highlight is a green color. Besides cosmetic function, it can be there to make a statement for greener car.


The interior we saw makes the 2019 Skoda Vision X too futuristic. However, the company will modify it for the production model. Infotainment and connectivity services are a priority, as well as overall comfort and safety. The new crossover gets Smart Parking, HoppyGo, and TwoGo systems.

2019 Skoda Vision X interior

2019 Skoda Vision X Natural Gas Engine

The drivetrain of the 2019 Skoda Vision X is everything but usual. It is a 1.5-liter turbo-four unit that can produce 130 hp. However, the petrol drivetrain we used to see is now consuming compressed natural gas. The company also said it can take sustainably extracted biogas and synthetically produced natural fuel. All these versions lead to lower emissions, and Vision X makes 89 grams of CO2 per kilometer.


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