Rivian will show electric pickup and SUV at 2018 LA auto show

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Rivian is the small company at the moment. But in the future, many predict it to become the serious contender for Tesla. For the LA car show late in 2019, the company prepares to launch two all-electric vehicles – SUV and truck. Both of them have interesting concepts. Rivian SUV will join existing models in the offer. The pickup truck will be first of a kind. But, we doubt its functionality.

A crossover and a truck will share the same platform under the shell. The all-electric SUV will rival Tesla’s Model X and the upcoming Model Y. On the other hand, the electric truck is going to face Model P.

Rivian plant

SUV Release Date

Although we will see the crossover in 2018, it is coming as the 2020 year model. Whatsoever, the massive production will wait for the green light from bosses. We believe the SUV is going to be named A1C. According to the first information, the company will launch the truck first. It will be 2020 Rivian A1T.

Rivian A1C SUV Specs and Range

The all-electric vehicle is going to be pretty mighty. As for the conventional models, Rivian will offer various outputs of the all-electric crossover. The most important detail is mileage. The base units will have smaller batteries. These Rivian SUVs are going to be able to run around 250 miles before recharging. Nevertheless, there will be high-output versions with 800 horsepower. These mules are taking huge electric motors that have a range of 500 miles. Also, with them, the Rivian SUV will need less than 3 seconds to sprint to 60 mph. Max speed details are not unveiled yet.


Rivian SUV Price

Since the truck is the first one to appear, we know more details about it. Besides the design and the look, we assume the entry-level A1T will cost $50,000. The same value will be on crossover’s price sticker. Furthermore, top range versions will have a much higher price. Do not be surprised if you see Rivian truck with six-digit cost. The SUV is not going to be so expensive at far ends.


Until November and the car show in LA, we won’t know details about the Rivian SUV. So far, the company unveiled details of the new truck. It reminds many fans on Honda Ridgeline. The Crossover will also come with familiar styling, but we still don’t know anything about it. Since the truck is using the Ridgeline platform, we can expect the same from SUV. On the other hand, the crossover could turn to some other Honda’s vehicle from the same segment.

rivian platform

Expectations of Rivian A1C SUV

Rivian is present for ten years, and they are finally unveiling the first production models. The vehicles we will see are going to be built in Illinois. However, it is not going to be easy for the electric SUV to conquer the market. It seems like the competition is not so strong. Well, in this class there are no many rivals. But, taking on Tesla is not an easy task. Also, Toyota, Ford, and Nissan will also build their electric vehicles very soon. Then, the Rivian SUV will be in the position of Tesla now.


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