2019 Renault Kadjar Restyling and Facelift

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Renault made a strong impact with their Kadjar crossover. Many experts were suspicious about it, but the success of the SUV proved them wrong. Well, the partnership with Nissan Alliance was the right move by the French carmaker and it continues with the new 2019 Renault Kadjar. The Japanese company helped in developing the new platform, which now leads to other crossovers. Of course, the new Kadjar will be a unique SUV, but similarities with Nissan Qashqai are obvious.

The new 2019 Renault Kadjar will bring the facelift. Spied vehicles in few countries confirm this. Restyling is happening for the first time since the Kadjar joined the market. After four years it is time for update and redesign. Whatsoever, Renault is not going to reconstruct the SUV, but upgrade and update it. Modern features outside and inside the vehicle, as well as the new shapes, are refreshing the appearance. A new engine could do the same with a power room.

2019 Renault Kadjar facelift

2019 Renault Kadjar Mid-Cycle Facelift

The restyling of the 2019 Renault Kadjar is not ready yet. Heavy camo is hiding most of the vehicle. However, test mules are unveiling some parts and giving us some clues what to expect from the upcoming SUV.

The most changes we could see are on the back. The new 2019 Kadjar will have a new design of taillights. Wider and positioned higher, these are making the crossover more aggressive. Also, bumper could see modifications, although spied models carry the same one as before.

Side panels and wheel arches have new shapes. This should boost the aerodynamics. Signature rims will be replaced with new ones. The front fascia is also under heavy hiding panels. We didn’t see it, but under these covers must be the new look.

2019 Renault Kadjar side

Restyling of the Interior

We don’t have a new info about the interior of the 2019 Renault Kadjar. Even spy photographers didn’t shoot any picture. But, the mid-cycle facelift will bring some changes. It is possible to see a new dashboard and layout. Interior space and comfort were some of the highlights of the previous editions. So, Kadjar will definitely keep these characteristics. More features and premium details are possible on higher trim levels.


The 2019 Renault Kadjar will keep the Expression version as the entry-level model. LED and fog lights are available right from the start, as well as a tire pressure monitor. The higher trim level, Dynamique Nav adds navigation and a larger infotainment screen. Android Auto is again part of the offer. Dynamique S Nav version upgrades the previous one with larger 19-inch wheels. Also, the interior goes premium thanks to leather upholstery and seats. Navigation is again standard and 2019 Kadjar gets parking sensors with this package. Panoramic sunroof means you are purchasing Signature trim. Nappa leather wrapping the steering wheel boosts comfort, while more premium materials are coming with Signature S model.

R-Link 3 and Apple CarPlay

Renault is preparing the new multimedia system. The R-Link 2 will see a replacement, and R-Link 3 is ready to upgrade the offer. However, the changes are cosmetic and the layout will refresh the infotainment system. It is going to be easy to use, with quick access to the favorite features. You will be able to manage calls and messages on your phone. Standard connectivity is via Bluetooth. The system offers other options as well, such as USB ports and an audio jack.

Apple CarPlay could come standard as the Android Auto. But, we are still waiting for confirmation from Renault.

2019 Renault Kadjar r-link 3

2019 Renault Kadjar Specs

The 2019 Renault Kadjar is using two petrol and one diesel engine. The major advantage of the crossover is fuel economy. However, if buyers want power, they will turn to other vehicles.

The entry-level engine is a TCe 140 gasoline. This version is good for 140 hp and it is mated to a manual gearbox. However, it is possible to pick an automatic EDC transmission for this unit. In some countries, we will find TCe 115 as the base drivetrain. It comes with less power (115 hp) and torque (220 Nm). The TCe 140 has 240 Nm of twisting power. The most powerful petrol unit is TCe 160 with 160 hp and 260 Nm of torque in manual mode. With double-clutch transmission, 2019 will gain 10 Nm.

New 1.3 Turbo Engine

The upcoming 2019 Renault Kadjar redesign will include the new drivetrain. The French company is cooperating with Mercedes-Benz and Daimler group as well. That helps Kadjar getting a new unit. It will be a 1.3-liter turbo-four mill. Another petrol engine has various tuning setups. For the 2019 Kadjar, the turbocharged powertrain will deliver around 160 horses. Manual or automatic transmission, it will be at buyers’ choice.

2019 Renault Kadjar new engine specs

2019 Renault Kadjar Diesel

Besides the petrol units, the 2019 Renault Kadjar will carry over its diesel variant. The dCi 115 is good for 115 horses. A 1.5-liter displacement also adds 260 Nm (192 lb-ft) of torque. Thanks to the 65 mpg mileage, this is one of the most fuel-friendly crossovers on the market.

A front-wheel drive is a standard across the entire lineup. An all-wheel drive will be available for the diesel engine and the new 1.3-liter turbocharged petrol unit. The last one will improve the major lack of the Kadjar – power. With more horses, the SUV will sprint to 60 mph in 9.5 seconds. For the first time, the record is under 10 seconds. For example, a diesel needs almost 12 sec to reach 60 mph.

2019 Renault Kadjar restyling

2019 Renault Kadjar Release Date and Price

The 2019 Renault Kadjar will come first to the right-handed driving markets. Its popularity in the UK and Australia is at the peak. So, we expect to see its debut in one of these two countries. However, the rest of Europe is not going to wait for too long before they see the new 2019 Kadjar in salons. We expect it to be available early next year.

The increase in the cost is not going to surprise. The mid-cycle restyling and facelift, as well as the new engine, will push the price up. In the UK current version starts from 20,000 pounds. In Australia, the crossover will appear for the first time. Thee, the price of the entry-level Expression model is going to be around 35,000 AUD. Kadjar is not going to be released in the USA.


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