2019 Nissan Patrol Redesign and Specs

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The brand new 2019 Nissan Patrol is going to make an immediate impact once again. The sixth generation has something more to say, and we will see what with the new edition. Patrol is using the Y62 platform since 2010. Built on the same concept, crossover for 2019 will have significant changes on its exterior and interior. Nevertheless, the idea remains the same. The 2019 Patrol is tough SUV which performs great both on and off the road.

Highlights of the upcoming crossover, besides superb performance, are high-tech features and durable engine lineup. Also, special driving system, with unique shocks and suspension are making the difference in this class.

2019 Nissan Patrol

2019 Nissan Patrol Engines

The full-size crossover is going to be one of the most powerful vehicles on the market. Nissan is aiming for a big powertrain. Engineers can’t choose too much. The favorite is a 5.6-l V-8 unit. This drivetrain can make 400 pound-feet of torque and 420 horsepower. A 6-speed automatic transmission is a power router. Of course, for better traction and off-road capability, 2019 Nissan Patrol comes in 4×4 configuration. The SUV will get plenty of helpful features for tough terrain rides. Special tuning will make suspension better, and with it driving impression comfortable and safe.

Diesel and Hybrid

Although it is unlikely to happen, the 2019 Patrol could appear as a hybrid crossover. Initially, Nissan could launch some mild version with the addition of a small electric motor. It will be able to boost the output for 10-15 horses and 2-3 mpg. Nothing big, but this could be a huge move by the Japanese carmaker.

The diesel version of 2019 Nissan Patrol is more likely. However, the company is not keen on this kind of engines, but the current trend could make them consider it. Nevertheless, they will follow the competition. It is not going to be a surprise if Nissan launches Patrol diesel few months after the base unit.

2019 Nissan Patrol engine

2019 Nissan Patrol Redesign

Not only that engine room is about to suffer big changes, but also the look of the 2019 Nissan Patrol. Edges are going to be smoother. However, the crossover will keep its overall look. Also, since it is using the same Y62 platform, dimensions are the same as before.


The cabin of the 2019 Patrol is extremely comfortable and safe. Packed with a lot of features, the SUV will offer a strong impression of the elegant and powerful vehicle. Leather seats provide comfort and luxurious appearance. The dashboard is transparent. Controls on a touchscreen display and steering wheel are easy to solve. The highlight of the interior is the infotainment system. The company is working on the new version of NissanConnect. The current update is among the best in the automotive industry, so we can expect only exceptional stuff from the Japanese carmaker.

2019 Nissan Patrol spied

2019 Nissan Patrol Future and Price

The 2019 Nissan Patrol in the base version, with a petrol engine and 2WD, will carry a price tag of around $45,000. Possible hybrid and diesel variations will add few more guards. Nevertheless, Patrol will stay under $50,000 for vehicles without extra features.

The future of the Nissan Patrol will bring a new generation of crossover. It could happen right after 2019 season. Nevertheless, with an update for this model, the crossover will be competitive for some while, until big redesign comes.


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