2019 Mercedes EQC The First Electric SUV From Mercedes

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The first EQ model will be the sport utility vehicle. It is going to be named 2019 Mercedes EQC. The concept of the electric vehicle was unveiled in 2016 at a car show in Paris. Only two years later Mercedes-Benz is almost ready for the launch of the production model. Spy shots are confirming that development is in serious phases, so we can’t be surprised if the vehicle arrives by the end of 2018.

Well, it is more likely that Mercedes will take some more time. That time will be used for development of various assist features and autonomous drive. Currently, some vehicles are able to park itself, while the smart drive is allowing auto brake and acceleration. The styling of the 2019 Mercedes EQC should be very similar to the concept we saw in 2016. Of course, a platform for such shows always has to offer some unreal parts that are very expensive. Production models are not coming with such solutions.

2019 Mercedes EQC

2019 Mercedes EQC Drivetrain

The range of the 2019 Mercedes EQC will have a range of over 300 miles. Some estimations are saying that crossover will be good for 500 kilometers (310 miles). That is possible if the 70 kW battery is the drivetrain. Also, it is getting a support from two electric motors. Furthermore, the electric system is pretty powerful, delivering over 400 horses. The max speed goal is not announced, but the 2019 Mercedes-Benz EQC will sprint to 60 mph in just 5 sec.

Well, this is the maximum the 2019 Mercedes EQC can do. On the other hand, German carmaker will detune it and offer as the base version. The standard offer is surely not going to include 515 pound-feet of torque. Instead, decrease to 250-300 hp and 350 lb-ft is more likely to happen. Whatsoever, this model is going to cost less, but won’t bring better range.

2019 Mercedes EQC Release Date and Price

We expect to see the first production model of Mercedes-Benz EQ platform where everything started – in Paris. With the vehicle already spied, it is obvious the 2019 Mercedes EQC will be ready for the premiere soon. Until October, when the Paris Motor Show is scheduled, designers and engineers will have plenty of time to upgrade and make it better.

Some estimations are saying that we can expect the 2019 Mercedes EQC starting from $55,000. Well, being a premium crossover in the all-electric segment and having such price is a bingo. Tesla Model X starts much higher, but that is the main reason why buyers are not so interested in purchase. The upcoming Model Y will be more affordable. Knowing that Mercedes set the price for its EQC much lower than anyone expected. Well, the German carmaker will offer few trim levels, and the most exclusive model will cost more than Tesla’s SUVs.

2019 Mercedes EQC side

2019 Mercedes EQC Styling

Mercedes released a couple of teaser photos. But, we could see only details there, and not the overall image. Whatsoever, the futuristic design and accents are present. But, the whole shape is still mysterious. The 2019 Mercedes EQC could use a brand-new styling language. On the other hand, from some clues, we would say the first EQ model is pretty similar to GLC family.

From photos, we would say the 2019 Mercedes EQC is going to take the spot between GLC and GLE model. However, there are some hints and rumors telling that the electric SUV will show us something we can expect in next-gen GLC.

2019 Mercedes EQC interior


As with every concept, the 2019 Mercedes EQC is full of futuristic and artistic features and design solutions. Clearly, fans won’t see the same vehicle as from two years ago. Special devices and screens will show all needed info about the EQC. Premium leather and materials will boost overall comfort. Of course, being a luxury Mercedes SUV is a matter of prestige. So, the 2019 Mercedes-Benz EQC is not going to fail.

Advanced Systems

The German carmaker is developing their own driving assistance package that will include some semi-autonomous features. Lane keep and evasive steering will monitor and avoid any unwanted situation. There are also drive pilot and lane switch features, which will be upgraded for 2019 Mercedes EQC. Long range, multi-mode radars, and sensors will make an uncomfortable impression for an inexperienced driver. After some while, you will get used to these features.


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