2020 Lincoln Navigator Full Review

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The 2020 Lincoln Navigator is a flagship SUV. Most novelties in the premium segment of Ford’s company we expect to see on this model. Well, the new Aviator is here. The next thing we expect from Lincoln is to update Navigator with the latest features and accessories. Well, the major rival, General Motors, is launching the new Cadillac Escalade, so Ford must respond. It promises an interesting season in the full-size luxury SUV class.

The 2020 Lincoln Navigator won’t be available until the last quarter of the year. The premium brand is launching a few other crossovers and SUVs. They decided to replace the old MK nomenclature. So, now we will see Aviator, Corsair, and Nautilus in crossover and SUV lineup. Of course, the best things are there with the Black Label suite. Unique themes are still unknown. In 2019 these were Chalet, Yacht, and Destination. Update of the interior is not coming only for the top model, but also the base SUVs.

The 2020 Lincoln Navigator could also bring some serious updates under the hood. It is based on the F-150 truck, which is getting a diesel engine. So, can we see the new SUV with a 3.0-liter turbodiesel Powerstroke unit? Less realistic option, but we can still hear rumors about it, is hybrid drivetrain. Ford is electrifying its big rigs soon, and of course, the Navigator is going to be among the first models to get such a system.

2020 Lincoln Navigator update

When Will The 2020 Lincoln Navigator Be Available?

The 2020 Lincoln Navigator release date is set for the last quarter of this year. The SUV will probably have its premiere at LA Auto show. Well, the company could also start sales in 2020. However, we will find out everything about the Navigator during 2019. That includes news about diesel and hybrid engines and special Black Label themes. The price will stay put. The base MSRP will be $75,000. Reserve model adds $10k and the Black Label unique upgrades are available for $96,000. Ford is very happy with sales of its full-size SUVs and the next Navigator and Ford Expedition will show up with more units in the next couple of seasons. In 2018, the company sold 17,000 vehicles. That is 7,000 or in percentage – 70% more than in the previous year.

2020 Lincoln Aviator vs Navigator

Aviator replaced the MKT mid-size SUV. This is not only a rebadging since the new model brings a fresh look and the latest infotainment features. It is a seven-seat model, while the 2020 Lincoln Navigator offers capacity for eight passengers. The major difference in these two, for now, is that the smaller SUV is using a plug-in hybrid engine. It can produce 450 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque from a turbocharged 3.0-liter petrol engine. Well, its bigger brother is delivering 450 hp and 510 pound-feet with a high-output 3.5-l V6.

Navigator vs Cadillac Escalade

The new Escalade will use more elements from the stunning Escala concept. This architecture was shown on the sedan, but the new SUV will take advantage of its technology and design solutions. With the new Escalade on the way, Ford and Lincoln must respond. There are also other competitors whose popularity is rising on the US soil. Lexus LX and Infiniti QX80 are SUVs at the same rank as Ford’s and GM’s luxury models.

2020 Lincoln Navigator vs cadillac escalade

2020 Lincoln Navigator Specs, Diesel

Whatever happens, the 2020 Lincoln Navigator is going to continue to use a 3.5-liter engine. A V6 unit, mated to a ten-speed automatic transmission, can produce 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of twist. The same engine is under the hood of the toughest full-size truck on the market, Ford F-150 Raptor. Fuel consumption is not the brightest thing about this drivetrain. But, when you spend more than $75,000 for a ride, the fuel economy is not a problem.

We are pretty sure that the next Navigator is getting a diesel engine. It is based on a truck which debuted with a Powerstroke unit. It is a 3.0-liter engine capable to deliver 250 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque. Duramax unit for Chevy Silverado makes 30 hp more, while the EcoBoost engine for Ram 1500 comes with 420 lb-ft. With Powerstroke drivetrain, the new 2020 Navigator will boost fuel economy, and especially towing capacity. For the first time, we will have a luxury SUV that can tow more than 10,000 pounds.

2020 Lincoln Navigator specs

Hybrid Drivetrain Ready for 2020?

Is it possible? With Ford, we can’t write off any rumor. Especially with official hints showing the company is working on something. And that is big electrification. Ford plans to spend over $5 billion in next few years, and by 2030 all their models will have at least one PHEV or EV model in the lineup. The bad thing is that carmaker didn’t unveil which vehicles are getting electric support in the first wave that ends in 2023.

Mustang and F-150 are flagship vehicles. These are the best-selling models in their classes. So, Ford goes with these to promote the big project. Well, it is hard to imagine a big rig getting a hybrid engine that will save fuel economy and environment, but keep its working capabilities. So, the arrival of a hybrid drivetrain requires some radical cuts. What will Ford do, we will see. But, being based on the truck, Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition will take advantage of this situation. As soon as F-150 gets a hybrid drivetrain, both full-size SUVs will borrow it for its engine room.

2020 Lincoln Navigator Black Label Themes and Interior

Looking from outside, the 2020 Lincoln Navigator Black Label will be pretty much the same as the standard model. But, inside, special themes will stun you. Other models in Lincoln’s lineup are also offering this trim level, but Navigator comes with the most space for luxury options and customization. Which are the next themes for 2020 season, we will find out at this year’s LA Auto Show.

Interior of the SUV is comfortable. This eight-seat SUV offers plenty of space in the third row, even for adults. Behind these seats, there are 19 cubic feet of cargo space. With the third row folded down, the volume increases to 63 cubic feet. The cargo volume goes up over 100 cubic feet when the second row seats fold. Of course, the latest infotainment features are there, including an entertaining system for the second and third row. The new Navigator brings more connectivity options.


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