Will There be the Next 2020 Lincoln MKC?

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The replacement is ready. But, fans who fall in love with the Lincoln MKC would like to see another edition of their favorite SUV. Well, the Corsair is on its way for the 2020 season. The pricing is there already. However, the company could keep both compact crossover SUVs and then move the 2020 Lincoln MKC to some other class, possible between the small and mid-size tier. The market for these kinds of vehicles is expanding, so it won’t be a surprise to see the MKC in the future. The biggest reason for the rename is confusion among buyers with MK- nomenclature. Now, with all these vehicles replaced with original names, it is easier to catch up with names.

Whatsoever, sales of the MKC model were not bad. But, Ford as a parent company, wanted to make a more distinctive order of its premium SUV segment. So, most of the MK- models are now in the past. Now, we will see Aviator, Nautilus, and the Corsair as the MKC’s replacement. Of course, the flagship model remains Navigator, while the only remaining old-named SUV is the MKT. We still hope that 2020 Lincoln MKC will get another chance before the company decides its future.

2020 Lincoln MKC release date

2020 Lincoln MKC Specs

The new 2020 Lincoln MKC will offer you a pair of turbocharged four-cylinder engines. A 2.0-liter displacement can produce 245 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission could be replaced with a newer one. It will improve the drive impression and the fuel economy. By using the default system that sends power to front wheels, the MKC is returning 23 mpg combined. With an AWD on, the crossover SUV consumes more fuel – 21 mpg on average. Instead of a 2.0 motor, you can pick a 2.3-liter displacement. The same transmission sends energy to all corners exclusively and returns 21 mpg. The output of this configuration is 285 horsepower and 305 lb-ft of torque.


The new 2020 Lincoln MKC could be a hybrid as well. The company announced such plans for its replacement, Corsair, but not for the upcoming season. The MKC could take this kind of a drivetrain and prolong its discontinuation. If this happens, we will have to get used to the weaker outputs, since the electric engine will pair a naturally-aspirated four-cylinder engine. On the other hand, much better gas mileage could hit 30 mpg.

2020 Lincoln MKC changes

2020 Lincoln MKC vs Corsair

As said, Lincoln Corsair is going to replace the MKC next season. It is the third switch the company is making after the MKX became Nautilus, and Aviator is replacing the MKT SUV. Whatsoever, this is not going to be a simple rebadging, since Corsair will offer more than its predecessor in the compact segment. First of all, it looks more aggressive and elegant. Inside, the new model is packed with a lot of premium equipment, including 10-speaker audio and adaptive cruise control. Outside, we will find 18-inch wheels and a power liftgate. Dimensions are the same since the Corsair is using the same architecture as the MKC. All these upgrades are leading to the price increase. The new crossover is going to cost $37,000.


The new 2020 Lincoln MKC could be the last model in the production. We still hope that Ford is going to change its mind and continue to use this model as some mid-range version between Corsair and Nautilus. Also, another possibility is to get a hybrid engine. As the future of the automotive industry, this kind of drivetrain could extend MKC’s life. On the other hand, for now, it is more likely that 2020 MY is the last one by this nameplate. More pessimistic opinions are saying the crossover is already in history books. For now, the future is not bright. But, let’s hope the new MKC will shine again and prove it is worthy of producing.

2020 Lincoln MKC interior

2020 Lincoln MKC Release Date, Price

The 2020 Lincoln MKC is not going to change anything about the price. Of course, if it appears. The crossover SUV belongs to the premium segment. The base price is around $35,000. So, the new Corsair adds $2,000 more. All-wheel drive model will cost $2,500 more. You can also choose the Select model, which is above $40,000 and under $50k you can also find the Reserve trim with a 2.3-liter engine. Top of the class version is the Black Label. As for all other vehicles with Lincoln badge, this suite brings unique upgrades and the highest price. For nearly $57,000, it is the most expensive models in the segment. And the Black Label is not using a V6 drivetrain. Imagine what kind of equipment it is offering when it costs $5,000 more than premium German cars, including the Mercedes GLC.


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