2020 Lincoln Corsair – 2nd Generation MKC SUV

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After Aviator and Nautilus, Lincoln will add a new nameplate to its SUV lineup. We would say a new model, but the upcoming Corsair is replacing the MKC. To simplify names, the company leaves the old MK- type of identification. Now, the MKC turns to 2020 Lincoln Corsair. The model entered the market in 2015. It is still in the first generation and the new name will come with a next-gen vehicle. It is happening sooner than enthusiasts expected. During 2019 we can already see the concept and the debut of the new crossover.

The 2nd generation MKC SUV, that comes as 2020 Lincoln Corsair, will belong to the same class. It is a compact luxury crossover. Also, the next-gen vehicle is coming with a hybrid drivetrain. Furthermore, designers will have a lot of work to make this model appealing. The new name will make it fresh, but if the SUV is the same as the MKC, fans will moan about it. So, expectations are big and we will see how the 2020 Corsair is going to respond.

2020 Lincoln Corsair spied

2020 Lincoln Corsair Spied

Ford and its luxury branch Lincoln are great in hiding details from fans. Spy shots of the new 2020 Lincoln Corsair are taken, but the heavy camouflage is not allowing us to find out too much. We can compare this model to the Lincoln Aviator. The roofline is very similar, but the Corsair is smaller than its sibling. The new SUV is also going to be wider than its predecessor Lincoln MKC.

Besides this, we can’t see what will 2020 Lincoln Corsair look like in details. Nevertheless, by using the same platform as for the Aviator, the company will definitely bring most of the design to the new model. On the other hand, it is still early to finish the vehicle which is coming in 2020. Details will definitely make compact SUV different than its mid-size sibling.

2020 Lincoln Corsair Plug-In Hybrid

One detail is unveiling a big thing about the upcoming crossover. Front fender on the left side of 2020 Lincoln Corsair shows a big opening. We can assume this is the charging point. Furthermore, that definitely indicates that the new crossover is going to use an electric source of power. Nevertheless, we are sure that PHEV is not going to be the only option for MKC’s replacement. Also, some kind of a mild-hybrid will join the petrol engine for the complete lineup.

2020 Lincoln Corsair rear

2020 Lincoln Corsair Interior

The interior of the 2020 Lincoln Corsair is unpredictable. But, we can still find some pieces of information in the Aviator. Well, not all will be the same, but for example, entertaining systems will be very similar. By 2020, the Sync 3 could evolve into next generations, with numerous new features and options. As every Lincoln, the Corsair will be equipped with the finest materials. Leather will cover seats and steering wheel. We still don’t know too much about trim levels. But, the base options will be the same as for the rest of Lincoln SUV lineup.

2020 Lincoln Corsair Engine and Specs

The engine room will remain the same as for the predecessor. The MKC is going to borrow the entire drivetrain system to 2020 Lincoln Corsair. Slight modifications are possible, but the gasoline unit is the same. It is a 2.0-liter turbo-four mill. With some improvements, the engine is going to return 30 mpg on highways with 2WD. Last season, AWD dropped the combined gas mileage by 3 mpg. Lincoln will work on this system to reduce those losses.

A 2.3-liter remains the optional drivetrain for buyers that want more power. This engine is also used in many other Ford’s vehicles. For 2020 Lincoln Corsair it will be able to deliver 285 hp and 305 lb-ft of torque. The smaller 2.0-liter engine can produce 250 horses and 270 pound-feet of twist. At the same time, the bigger mill returns the same mileage. A new, 10-speed automatic transmission will take place as a power router. It replaces the old six-pace gearbox.


We already wrote about the MKC coming without the hybrid option. However, it could happen, but only as a kind of a test. The real deal is coming with 2020 Lincoln Corsair. Its hybrid system will combine one of these two petrol engines with an electric source of power. Also, a plug-in hybrid is possible, according to experts’ view of spy photos.

Well, it is somehow expected. The Blue Oval company is investing over five billion dollars into electrification. By 2023, over 20 vehicles will get hybrid, PHEV, or all-electric models. After that, by 2030, the entire lineup will be electrified. For example, there are already proposals in France and Germany for banning conventional cars in the next 20 years. It is just a matter of time when we will see a similar idea in the US. Ford and Lincoln want to meet these decisions ready.

2020 Lincoln Corsair

2020 Lincoln Corsair Release Date and Price

The 2020 Lincoln Corsair is coming sooner than we expected. Initially, the vehicle was planned for 2021. But, it seems like the company speeded up the development, resulting sooner debut of the new SUV. Well, the only big thing about the development will be a hybrid engine. Besides that, designers will modify the shell of the old MKC, and the interior will have the base in existing Aviator. We assume the first appearance the 2020 Corsair will have in the first half of next year. However, we will wait until the official model debuts late in 2019. The Corsair SUV will go straight into salons after the premiere.

The price of the 2020 Lincoln Corsair must stay put. Its predecessor was known as one of the most expensive vehicles in the class. Further jump of the cost would make the Corsair even less affordable. So, we can expect it to see around $35,000 for the entry-level SUVs. As for its most famous sibling, Navigator, the new crossover will offer the Black Label trim. With it, the compact vehicle will cost $50,000.

Furthermore, we must wait for updates about a hybrid model. The mild-electric drivetrain could add around $3,000 to the initial price. On the other hand, a plug-in hybrid requires serious investments. Parts for it are much more expensive and its price will be very close to the 2020 Lincoln Corsair Black Label.


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