2019 Lincoln Nautilus is the new generation of MKX SUV

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After the decision to drop MKX crossover, Lincoln is working hard on making a new SUV that will fill the spot. Now it seems we already have a replacement. We saw the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus as its substitute. Well, this SUV is not just there to take the spot in the mid-size luxury class, but also to upgrade the entire offer. It won’t be easy since MKX had set some standards unreachable for most of the crossovers.

This redesigned MKX crossover is probably the best compact SUV for 2019.

But, let’s give a chance to the Nautilus. Its name is pretty recognizable. The crossover is not going to be able to dive under the sea. It can’t fly, but will definitely be the king of the road. Although luxurious vehicle, 2019 Nautilus can get dirty during the off-road adventure. However, more details will be official during 2018.

2019 Lincoln Nautilus

2019 Lincoln Nautilus Updates and Release Date

The upcoming LA car show will show the first shapes of the new crossover. The 2019 Lincoln Nautilus cam quietly by now. However, these news spreads very fast, and according to shown interest, this vehicle will be pretty popular. But first, we need to see what does it brings.

So, after the show in Los Angeles, more details will be available. However, enthusiasts shouldn’t expect too much. The Lincoln Nautilus will come only as a concept, and further development will bring first test mules and production models.

2019 Lincoln Nautilus – What We Know So Far?

The Lincoln company is trying to revive its aging crossover lineup. Many new models will come in an upcoming year. However, the first of them, 2019 Lincoln Nautilus, is confirmed and causes a lot of interest. The name represents the search, exploration, as the submarine does it in famous novel. That is exactly what we should expect from 2019 Nautilus.

2019 Lincoln Nautilus rear

Design and Features

A grille borrowed from Continental sedan will definitely bring some style. Inside the vehicle, buyers will find the latest infotainment systems and safety features. Lane departure and centering equipment are guided by radars and cameras. Cruise control and assist with steering are other helpful features. This is a similar level of equipment as the other crossovers in mid-size luxury class can offer, such as Infiniti QX70.

2019 Lincoln Nautilus Drivetrain and Specs

There are two drivetrain options for the upcoming 2019 Lincoln Nautilus. It is official already since we had a confirmation at LA car show about the 2.7-l engine as the main unit. This drivetrain is capable to produce 330 horsepower. Alternative for Lincoln Nautilus will be a 2.0-l, also a turbocharged unit, with the output of 250 hp. Just for comparison, these two are coming as replacements for the 3.7-l engine, used by the leaving MKX SUV. An eight-speed transmission with automatic shifting is a pair for both powertrains.

2019 Lincoln Nautilus badge

2019 Lincoln Nautilus Prices

Major updates are coming with new prices for 2019 Lincoln Nautilus. Well, everything is new about this model, but some could think the cost could be compared to the vehicle Nautilus replaces. Definitely, a $40,000 tag is probably a starting point. The upcoming SUV could cost higher, while to trim levels will definitely go over $50,000.


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