2019 Lincoln Aviator Is Here!

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As Lincoln advertises their newest SUV, they will elevate luxury to new heights. We are talking about the Aviator. The most recent update in the crossover class by this premium carmaker is a brand-new SUV for a full-size segment. Nevertheless, it is not as big as Navigator, and it is not luxurious as the flagship model. The 2019 Lincoln Aviator will take a position just above new Nautilus.

The crossover replaces MKT. The company is leaving the MK naming and their models starting with these two letters, in all segments, will get a new name. With it, vehicles are going to be more recognizable. Besides that, the 2019 Lincoln Aviator will keep the high level of luxury inside and outside as its predecessor.

2019 Lincoln Aviator front

2019 Lincoln Aviator Release Date

The 2019 Lincoln Aviator had a world premiere in New York. This year the Auto Show brought many crossovers. We can say that this segment stole the show. Well, it is not a surprise since 42 percent of sales in the US are SUVs. Although it had a premiere as the 2019 year model, Aviator could come as the vehicle for 2020 season. By the end of this year, we will know more about it. Launch or delay, it is just a matter of time when the Aviator is arriving.

2019 Lincoln Aviator Engine

In New York, we saw a preview of the 2019 Lincoln Aviator. However, the hood of the crossover remained closed. But, being a such big, three-row crossover will make Lincoln place a big engine under its hood. Experts are together in the opinion that V-8 would be perfect, and turbo- or supercharger can be only the bonus. But, none of these stories have confirmation yet.

2019 Lincoln Aviator front


The only thing we know about the 2019 Lincoln Aviator engines is that the SUV will be a hybrid. Well, not the entire, but optional. This is also going to be the first plug-in crossover by Lincoln. Other vehicles can also get similar drivetrain, but it seems like that Aviator is going to be a pioneer.

2019 Lincoln Aviator Styling

While we are still looking for the info about any kind of engine, we know what to expect from the production model. Let’s start with the cabin. We can see only premium features there. Leather seats with 30-way adjustment and wireless phone charger are definitely breathtaking. Officials confirmed that this is very close what we will get from the crossover we are waiting to appear in dealerships. And yes, the SUV has three row of seats.

2019 Lincoln Aviator interior

Lincoln Co-Pilot360

The 2019 Lincoln Aviator will use a Lincoln Co-Pilot360 suite, which is a brand-new package of driver assist features. Blind spot monitor and cross traffic alert are standard in this SUV. Also, buyers will feel the advanced setup for automatic braking and a rear bumper camera that detects bumps on the road when driving reverse.

2019 Lincoln Aviator Price

Another detail we are waiting to become official is the price. Until then, we can speculate. Since the 2019 Lincoln Aviator succeeds the MKT, it will cost at least $45,000. But, with so many upgrades, experts are sure the SUV will cost closer to $50,000. Of course, Black Label is going to be the top trim level.


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