Lexus might build a performance SUV, and it could be an off-roader

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The word is out – Lexus Performance SUV is the next model the premium brand is building. The latest addition was a compact crossover. Now, the company is after a big rig. Well, we still don’t know anything further than this, so we must take all rumors as a possible outcome. Some of these are speaking of NX performance-oriented version. However, these about a larger GX or LX becoming an off-road SUV are louder. But, upgrades don’t have to make any of the existing models an off-road capable vehicle. Among other stories, we can also hear that Lexus could compete Lamborghini Urus on the road with an SUV that can burst 600+ hp.

The only certain thing is the arrival of the Lexus Performance SUV. Besides that, everything else is speculation. However, as a premium branch of Toyota company, Lexus can have strong support. We already know that TRD Pro models are among the most capable for an off-road drive. This could be another option for Lexus and its performance model. On the other hand, if this one is an on-road vehicle, then expect a lot of power. But, let’s see what are the options for this SUV.

Lexus Performance SUV

Lexus Performance SUV Incredible Specs

According to rumors, the Lexus Performance SUV will be based on the LF-1 Limitless concept. As the company stated during the premiere, this is a future of SUVs and most models will use features we could see on the new platform. The Performance SUV will be the first model to bring it into production. However, this is not the main point. LF-1 Limitless concept is capable to endure high outputs. And the new Lexus SUV is banging out more than 600 hp.

Under the hood of the new arrival will be a high-output version of the 4.0-l V8 engine. The twin-turbo system is capable to produce 660 horsepower for the LC F model. That is 20 ponies more than its main rival, Lamborghini Urus (640 hp). Still, this number is not final, and the Lexus Performance SUV could get even more power.

Lexus Performance SUV lf-1 limitless

High-Output Lexus F-Sport Off-Road SUV

Various sources are claiming the Lexus will build a new SUV on the existing F-Series models. We still don’t know which vehicle could be the base. But, the F Sport version is already ahead of the base setup. Now, it will be one of the most versatile choices in the market, capable to go on and off the road. We are talking about the same model. No modifications or extra purchases needed if you want to switch drive modes.

Off-Road Edition

This might be the most likely outcome. Toyota is delivering a TRD Pro package for four its models. Two of them are big SUVs – 4Runner and Sequoia. We knew the Japanese carmaker is going to extend the lineup. Now, a full-size SUV is getting a TRD Pro package. The next one could be one of the Lexus models. We can hear the Land Cruiser could be the one, but together with it, we could see LX wearing the same features.

So, what is the TRD Pro? It is a suite of equipment that will make your ride unstoppable in almost every off-road situation. Snow, sand, mud… special suspension and shocks are improving performance and getting you out from tough terrains. Of course, the Lexus Performance SUV would get extra ground clearance. Hill assist features will be also available, as well as the protective parts for the body.

Lexus Performance SUV off road edition

Lexus Performance SUV Release Date and Price

We can’t predict precisely the price of the Lexus Performance SUV. If the company is after the high-output version, then a six-digit cost is certain. Well, its main rival, Lamborghini Urus is above $200k. Lexus will try to lure more buyers by setting the MSRP of its SUV around $150,000. On the other hand, the off-road vehicle will be more affordable. With TRD Pro or some other upgrades, the LX will reach $100k price tag. We will know more next year. Rumors are reporting the Lexus Performance SUV will debut in 2020, and production will in 2021.


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