2021 Lexus LX Is Getting a new Drivetrain (I-Force MAX)

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We already wrote that the new generation of Toyota Land Cruiser is coming with the new engine. Also, the Japanese company’s luxury department, Lexus, made us think about the LX600 trademark. Now, the situation is becoming clear with the latest reports. The fresh powerplant is coming for the Tundra truck. Other big vehicles in the carmaker’s portfolio will get the same unit, including the 2021 Lexus LX.

Toyota wants to register the new trademark. It is the “I-Force MAX”. Well, this is all we know so far, and the speculations started to swirl about all the upcoming vehicles in the market. The only clue we have is the LX 600 and the SUV’s new generation is going to impress us with features. But, besides the redesign, the new engines will be part of the package.

2021 Lexus LX

What is “I-Force MAX”?

According to some sources, the new drivetrain is going to be as powerful as the current V8. The 2021 Lexus LX is dropping the 5.7-liter displacement, which served great in the past decade. But, its efficiency is questionable nowadays, so the Japanese manufacturer is going to seek for a more economical engine.

The “I-Force MAX” is definitely a solution. But, is it a more efficient V8? Or it is going to be a twin-turbo V6 we already mentioned while talking about the Land Cruiser? Plus, Toyota is working on a hybrid powertrain for its big rigs, so it is not impossible to see the new engine with such a system.

2021 Lexus LX i force max

2021 Lexus LX Release Date

The 2021 Lexus LX is going to debut next season in a whole new edition. The LX 600 is going to make a huge entrance and we can’t wait to see what does the fresh nameplate is going to bring. The new engine is definitely the most important detail, although the LX is also getting a new look. More practical, this SUV will be able to compete with class leaders – Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, and Mercedes GLS.


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