Hybrid, Diesel Engines are becoming Available for 2020 KIA Sorento

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Kia and Hyundai are sharing development plans. After the success in crossover and SUV segments, both companies are developing new, larger models. Well, Hyundai is even a step ahead, since the new premium SUV Genesis GV80 will be available soon. On the other hand, KIA is going to pay attention to its current squad as well. It is time for a mid-cycle update in the mid-size segment. The 2020 KIA Sorento was launched in 2015, and with speed of evolution in the crossover SUV segment, they will need a new vehicle to compete with likes of Honda Pilot, Ford Explorer, and Toyota Highlander.

With all attention on the new KIA Telluride, we still don’t know too much about the new Sorento. It is still going to be the mid-size vehicle with seating capacity for seven passengers. Of course, that is an optional layout, since a five-seater is the entry-level model. Numerous upgrades can make this SUV pretty versatile. There are V6 engine and all-wheel drive already available, while the next season will bring a hybrid model. It is not going to be a surprise if the Korean company brings the diesel engine to the US market. This one is already available in other markets.

2020 KIA Sorento diesel

2020 KIA Sorento Specs

The major change under the hood of the 2020 KIA Sorento is the drop of a 2.0-liter engine. Turbo unit was able to return 240 horsepower, but the maintenance cost caused such outcome. So, the new Sorento will use a 2.4-liter engine as the base power source. It is capable to produce 185 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque. This is the perfect unit for drivers that don’t tow too much. On the other hand, it returns superb fuel economy – 22/28 mpg for city/highway. Well, the numbers are dropping if you opt for an all-wheel drive. In this case, Sorento can make just 21/26 mpg.

If you want more power, you should take the 2020 KIA Sorento with a V6 engine. It is a 3.3-liter powertrain that can burst 290 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque. Starting price is higher, the engine consumes more fuel, but the crispy acceleration and higher towing capacity are exactly what you need from your seven-seat SUV. Front-wheel drive is standard, and all-wheel drive optional for all time levels except the base one. The towing capacity jumps from 2,000 pounds with four-cylinder mill to 5,000 pounds with 2020 KIA Sorento V6.

2020 KIA Sorento Hybrid

It’s been a while since rumors about the 2020 KIA Sorento appeared. It might be three years now. But, the company is ready to deliver this kind of vehicle to the major market in the world. KIA Niro is the latest addition to this lineup. The next one should be Sorento. Also, the Korean company is considering an upgrade of its Sedona minivan. These two models will share the hybrid setup. A 3.3-liter V6 engine will serve as the perfect base for further development. With it, both Sorento and Sedona can compete with rare hybrids in their classes. The only mid-size three-row crossover SUV with such setup is Toyota Highlander, while the only minivan with the hybrid engine is Chrysler Pacifica.

2020 KIA Sorento hybrid

Sorento Diesel Might Come to the United States

KIA Sorento will use more drivetrains outside the US. For example, Australian and European buyers can purchase it with a 3.5-liter petrol engine. However, the more interesting is a diesel unit with 200 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque. Instead of a six-speed automatic transmission available for gasoline units, this configuration combines engine with an eight-speed gearbox. A 2.2-liter powertrain consumes less fuel (30 mpg combined) and offers a towing capacity of 4,500 pounds.

Of course, a stumbling block is a CO2 emission. Engineers will have to work on it to improve ratings. Well, we can see the progress over the last couple of years, so the Korean company could surprise us all by launching the 2020 KIA Sorento diesel in the US.


It is already official that the new 2020 KIA Sorento will arrive in summer. Also, the company announced what are possible changes for the upcoming SUV. Outside, these are front grille and headlamps. Taillights will be the same as for the Kia Forte. The revisit of trim packages will include more and new features. Additions are LED technology for DRLs, headlamps, and turn signals. Upper models also get fog lamps as standard equipment. To refresh the overall impression, designers are adding more paint jobs. Wheels are also getting a new design but will keep the size.

2020 KIA Sorento interior

2020 KIA Sorento Trim Levels and Prices

Depending on a market, you will find different grades of the 2020 KIA Sorento. Buyers in the US will start with an L and LX trims. Upper versions are EX, SX, and SXL. Of course, there will be 5- and 7-seat layouts, V6, and hybrid engine, and many other upgrades. In other markets, the GT Line is very popular. It uses a diesel engine for the best performance. But, converted to US dollars, these models cost $45,000. The most expensive version in North America is going to be 2020 KIA Sorento SXL. We believe the SUV will cost from $46,000. L and LX models could be called base. These are going to be available for $27,000-28,000. Above $30,000 is V6 LX and EX. The first Sorento over $40,000 is SX.


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