Be First to Know Everything About the 2022 Mini Jeep / Baby Wrangler

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The 2022 Mini Jeep is the new project by the FCA. The US carmaker plans to add the new smallest model to the crossover lineup. The Mini Jeep will be positioned under the existing Renegade, and some experts think the upcoming vehicle will replace it. Another possible name for this model is Baby Jeep.

Chiefs already confirmed the new crossover is on the way. Also, the release date is set for 2022. Renders are showing a few interesting ideas. Furthermore, fans found an old concept from 2016 called Shortcut. It was a vehicle based on the Wrangler, but smaller. Could elements of this platform underpin the new Baby Jeep, we’ll see.

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2020 Mini Jeep

2022 Mini Jeep Styling

The upcoming 2022 Mini Jeep will be at least 10 inches shorter than the Renegade. Such small crossover is not likely to appear in the US, where buyers measure everything in size. There is no perspective for a vehicle smaller than Renegade, which is already one of the least popular nameplates in the lineup.

Outside the United States, the Mini Jeep will compete against Suzuki Jimny. This off-road crossover is only 143 inches long and making the Renegade shorter will make the Baby-Wrangler more competitive in this segment.

2022 Baby Jeep

Release Date

There are no spy photos or other details about the 2022 Mini Jeep. We only know that vehicle is going to be shorter than any other existing crossover and it is due for 2022. For all other information, we will have to wait at least 12 months.

Meanwhile, engineers are going to decide what kind of a drivetrain the Baby Jeep is going to carry. A small block is certain, and most fans believe that it will be a three-cylinder unit. Since it is not coming to the US, diesel is also an option. A hybrid is not so likely to happen on such a small vehicle.


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