2019 Infiniti QX80 More Luxury With Monograph Concept

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The 2019 Infiniti QX80 will use a new concept. The Monograph platform missed the current luxury crossover, so there is no doubt it will be base for the next one. With it, Infiniti QX80 will probably enter a new generation with a lot of changes. Some of them we will see on the new Nissan Patrol. These two are big crossovers and will share some things in common. Whatsoever, Infiniti is a premium brand, so its offer will be rich and luxurious.

The QX80 crossover carries the name since 2013. Before that, we know it as Infiniti QX56. The new SUV inherited a 5.6-liter V-8 engine which is still in use. Besides that, Infiniti QX80 updated and modernized its predecessor. We expect further development from upcoming model and Monograph concept.

2019 Infiniti QX80 Monograph

2019 Infiniti QX80 Interior and Changes

Inside the cabin of the 2019 Infiniti QX80 buyers will find the latest features. Safety is under special attention. Infiniti doesn’t leave anything to the case. So, driver and passengers will feel very safe with all systems protecting them in the crossover.

It is not easy to find any lack of the luxury crossover. Well, predecessors were criticized because there weren’t Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features. Now, 2019 Infiniti QX80 will bring these services. With these, the puzzle is complete. Huge infotainment system dominates the dashboard. The second row will have its own infotainment system and plenty of room for occupants.

Monograph Concept

Infiniti is developing a new concept. Many fans expected 2018 year model to be built on Monograph platform. However, it didn’t happen. So, it is very likely that 2019 Infiniti QX80 will be the one to debut with a new concept. Highlights of Monograph idea are double-arch grille, higher bumper, and slimmer lights up front. The side is dominated by 24-inch wheels Rear is somehow plain, but with rich details on taillights.

2019 Infiniti QX80 front

2019 Infiniti QX80 Drivetrain Specifications

The new 2019 Infiniti QX80 will use an old engine. It is a 5.6-liter V-8. The unit is very capable since it will return over 400 horses and 420 lb-ft of torque. Power goes through a 7-speed automatic transmission to all wheels. This is not the sole system. Buyers can opt for 2WD.

Mileage of 17 mpg is not going to attract buyers looking for an economical SUV. On the other hand, whoever purchases 2019 Infiniti QX80, won’t carry too much about fuel consumption and gasoline price. Probably the more important detail is towing capacity of 8,500 pounds. With it, this crossover will be on par with some trucks.

2019 Infiniti QX80 interior

2019 Infiniti QX80 Price and Release Date

Fans of this SUV will have to wait for a while before they see redesigned 2019 Infiniti QX80. The vehicle is definitely waiting for the Monograph concept to be finished, so it can implement its features. All in all, it is worth of waiting. The first images we can expect in mid-2018. Also, the premiere could happen then, but production model will arrive late this year. Even a delay for next year is possible.

The new concept will boost the price of the 2019 Infiniti QX80. At this moment, we can purchase it $66,000. The new model will surely cost closer to $70,000, and maybe even over. Top of the class models, packed with numerous extra features, will go over $80k.


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