Hummer Electric SUV Revives the Legendary Nameplate

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Three models were enough for the hummer to get into a legend. We can find a comparison, but no other company or vehicle was so popular. However, after the last H3 model, the parent company, General Motors, decided to sell the nameplate. A couple of failed sales caused the end of the Hummer. But now, the GM is reviving the nameplate. Could Hummer Electric SUV surprise us again?

The SUV is part of the huge electrification plan. The company wants to invest $3 billion, and $7.7 billion in the new plants. General Motors is losing the pace with its main rivals in the electric market, so this move is expected. Also, the Hummer Electric SUV is not something new. The plug-in hybrid version appeared right before the nameplate was shut down because of the economic crisis.

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Hummer Electric SUV

GM Needs More Electric Vehicles

The big investment is not the first of that kind. Ford is doing that for a couple of years. Explorer Hybrid is one of the first models in the market. Soon, we should see an all-electric SUV, hybrid truck… On the other hand, General Motors failed with Chevy Volt PHEV and Bolt EV. Well, these vehicles are not so bad. The carmaker tried to offer them at lower prices, but to build more units. They failed to make this move profitable.

Hummer Electric SUV Project

The new Hummer Electric SUV is part of the BT1 concept. It is not the only vehicle that will get an EV system since the company confirmed the GMC all-electric SUV for 2023. The new Hummer vehicle is codenamed Project O, while the final name will be decided later. Another question is if the GM is going to use anything from the Hummer HX concept from 2009?

Hummer Electric SUV concept
Hummer HX Concept (2009)

Hummer Electric SUV Release Date

General Motors will have to open new plants to build the Hummer Electric SUV. We already mentioned some plans and investments, but the detail that could tell us when will the Hummer EV SUV be available is $1.3 stakes into non-GM plants for the next four years. By 2023 the company also claimed that 20 new electric vehicles will be out. Is Hummer EV SUV one of them?

Source: Reuters


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