Honda Passport Crossover SUV Is Coming for 2019

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At the moment, Honda is able to compete with all manufacturers on the US soil. But, the versatility of carmaker’s SUVs is the key to success. But, the Japanese company have an empty spot between Pilot and CR-V. A crossover that should take a position under the mid-size segment and the compact class is an old name. Older fans will definitely know about Honda Passport Crossover SUV.

This unit had a short stint in the market. After the release in 1994, it lasted only eight years. Before the discontinuation, Honda tried to give another life to the Passport Crossover SUV with the second generation. However, it wasn’t enough, and this model became a history. Fortunately, now it is likely that the carmaker will bring it back in next few years.

Honda Passport Crossover SUV 1998

Honda Passport Crossover SUV Competition

So, why is this vehicle so important for Honda? Because of the competition. Neither CR-V nor Pilot can battle Nissan Murano or Ford Edge. A gap in size makes so many differences. That is why the company is about to recall Honda Passport Crossover SUV.

Honda Crossovers in the US market

At this moment, Honda offers three SUV to American customers. These are sub-compact HR-V, compact CR-V, and mid-size Pilot. The last one is a three-row SUV, and the carmakers need a vehicle to be slightly smaller. With better fuel economy, but still a good performance, the Honda Passport Crossover SUV should be the one. With it, the Japanese brand will be more versatile, and it can pay more attention to details. Overall sales in North America are growing, and the revival of the Passport SUV could bring more buyers.

Honda Passport Crossover SUV US crossover

Honda Passport Crossover SUV Concept

The Honda Passport Crossover SUV will use the same platform as its bigger siblings. There were plans for Pilot to get its smaller version. It would come with a tinier engine and better fuel economy. Also, the name it carries would be Pilot Sport. However, bosses changed it minds and decided to recall the Honda Passport Crossover SUV.

The vehicle is going to be 6-inches shorter than Pilot. With it, Passport Crossover will gain agility and handling. Better fuel economy and cheaper price are another advantages over its sibling. Also, it will be more powerful than Honda CR-V.

Honda Passport Crossover SUV

Honda Passport Crossover SUV Engine

We still don’t have clue what will lay under the hood of the Honda Passport Crossover SUV. Since the model is between two other vehicles, it could combine specs of Honda Pilot and CR-V. It means that new Passport SUV could borrow an engine from smaller one and install it in the body of its bigger brother. Whatsoever, a new powertrain is also possible.

Build and Release Details

Honda is making plans for next few years. According to these schedules, we will see plenty of new models in next four year. One of them is Honda Passport Crossover SUV. But recently, we heard that this vehicle is a top priority. That means revival should be speeded up. Bosses want to see it in November, and the official debut at LA car show. The Honda Passport SUV will hit dealerships early in 2019. Assembly of the vehicle will happen in Alabama, where the Honda already builds Ridgeline, Odyssey, and of course, its closest sibling, Pilot.


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