Honda Everus EV Crossover concept is Electric HR-V

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The Chinese market is expanding so fast. We can compare it with the growth of crossover segment and electric vehicles. When you combine all these three elements, you get the Honda Everus EV. It is an all-electric crossover made for China. Honda presented the vehicle at the latest Beijing car show. It shows the direction of the company and how serious they take care of this area and customers in China.

The Japanese carmaker didn’t release many updates on this vehicle. We know that Honda is planning to make 20 electric vehicles and even more hybrid cars in next few years. By 2025, most of its nameplates will get either plug-in or EV variant. One of the first will be the Honda Everus EV Crossover concept. Also, chiefs announced one more electric car for 2019 season, so we will monitor next car shows and wait for the unveiling.

Honda Everus EV

Honda Everus EV Crossover Concept Debuts in 2018

We already saw the concept of the Honda Everus EV Crossover. But, when it will get into production? When will we see it on streets? Good news for all fans – already this year, the SUV will be offered by dealers. This is a confirmed info, and September or October are months when we could see the final product.

Whatsoever, the Honda Everus electric SUV is China-only model. So, we won’t see it elsewhere, but it will be a good foundation for next electric vehicles in the entire world. It is a kind of electric HR-V for this country. The other EV mentioned in rumors could carry the familiar name of the subcompact crossover.

Honda Everus EV rear

Honda Everus EV Crossover Design

As always when we look at concept vehicles, the design is futuristic and with many tweaks. By the time it enters the production, we will probably see the more street-oriented crossover. However, the Honda Everus EV is definitely drawing attention. First things we can spot are full-width head- and taillights. This is always an attractive feature. Black floating roof adds more aggressiveness. We can’t find the bumpers Everus EV SUV is carrying on any other model. Complete modernization of front fascia finishes with blue side sill lights and spoiler. The design of rear bumpers is something that can make up your mind if you are after the attractive vehicle.

Honda Everus EV front

Honda Everus EV Specs and Price to be Released Soon

Predictions are there, but no official data is available. Being a subcompact SUV means a light body that needs less power to move around. Presenting the concept will give only the highlights. The range is always an arguable detail. Ideas are one thing, and reality is other. So, usually the specs we can hear at car shows are not matching performance when the car hits the show. So, it could be good not to have any prediction about Honda Everus EV. Final numbers will be out in few months.

Regarding about prices, we can be sure that Everus SUV will be one of the less expensive on the market. Well, it will be released only in China. However, when owners and fans of electric vehicles in other countries find out about it, they will want to get one for themselves. The success of the Honda Everus can make the company launch it worldwide.


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