2021 Honda Element To Compete Jeep Baby Wrangler

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The 2021 Honda Element might come back. Now, with news that FCA is developing Mini Jeep, this outcome is more likely than ever. The Japanese carmaker already brought back one nameplate, Passport. Honda has no intention to step into the full-size segment. On the other hand, a vehicle smaller than HR-V might be a better choice.

The comeback of the boxy crossover has been rumored for several years now. However, the company never made it official. From the comments and feedback, it seems like the model’s fans would like to see. Element bough a lot of previous owners with its practicality. With upgrades for pets, it became the most dog-friendly vehicle in the US.

Be First to Know Everything About the 2022 Mini Jeep / Baby Wrangler

2021 Honda Element To Compete Jeep Baby Wrangler

2021 Honda Element – It Is All About Practicality

The subcompact model is not going to offer too much space inside the cabin. However, a superb layout and organization of elements will provide enough room for occupants and leave something for cargo as well. The 2021 Honda Element should keep the boxy design from its predecessors. The aerodynamics and fuel economy won’t play a big game in this segment. On the other hand, an eye-catching styling should definitely draw an attention.

The interior features will be the same as the ones we find on other popular crossovers, CR-V and HR-V. Also, there are rumors the 2021 Honda Element might carry a hybrid engine and improved self-driving and driver-aid options.

2021 Honda Element

Release Date

Speculations mentioning the new subcompact Jeep model, called Mini Jeep or Baby Wrangler, warmed up stories about the 2021 Honda Element. Well, there are some differences in approach, since the FCA is going to deliver a more off-road capable crossover, while the Japanese carmaker is after a mini-SUV for urban adventures. Still, the release date of the Element is not close and we will find out more when the company makes it official. It won’t happen in next few months for sure.


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