2019 Honda Element USA Release Date And Price

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Honda Element might look like a minivan, but actually, it is an SUV. The distinctive boxy design makes it different from the competition in this class. Don’t let the look fool you since the Element was one of the best SUVs in handling and maneuvering. We say was, because the Japanese company discontinued it in 2011. Now, it is ready to come back as 2019 Honda Element.

There were a few reasons for discontinuation. First of all, the sales drop. The Element in final three years couldn’t revive. Why? Ten years ago, the crossover segment started its raise. There was more competition. Not only in numbers, but SUVs grew in a variety of options.

So, we had models for every purpose, and Element was an old-school vehicle among the young and wild competition. Whatsoever, many fans remember this SUV because of its unique look and name. So, the 2019 Honda Element, with many modifications, could reach the popularity it used to have.

2019 Honda Element


First of all, the 2019 Honda Element will have a completely new look. But, the company will keep its boxy appearance, as much as it is possible. The concept of the new Element shows us new bumpers. Grille and headlights are adding more aggressiveness to the front fascia. An old SUV was somehow more of a family vehicle than some cool crossover.


It seems like the 2019 Element will be smaller than its predecessor. It belongs to the compact class, but the SUV could be moved to subcompact segment. Whatsoever, we believe it will help 2019 Element gain more maneuverability and mobility. This vehicle is a city tourer at first place. Yes, it can be used for longer trips. But, ground clearance is not so big, and the SUV can’t jump off the road just like that.

2019 Honda Element rear


Redesign of the 2019 Honda Element includes many changes inside the vehicle. Modernization is a key, and the SUV is getting all the latest infotainment features we can find in standard Honda offer. For example, we can’t imagine Element without Honda Sensing package. It is a set of various driver’s assist features and accessories, with special attention to safety. There are lane departure warning and cruise control. On higher trim levels, we will find more options.


Interior space is the highlight of the Element. Although it is a compact vehicle, it allows owners to pack everything in their vehicle. The SUV was able to turn into a camper in seconds.

The 2019 Honda Element is going to be smaller. But, it won’t affect the storage. First of all, the excellent layout allows enough room for passengers and their luggage. But, if you need more room for stuff, then foldable rear seats can help. With these down, a lot more room is there. Finally, you can just remove them, and turn 2019 Element into a camper or towing machine for your work. Finally, the Honda Element roof rack will add another option for storing items.


An old engine is not coming back for 2019 Honda Element. With 165 hp coming from a 2.4-l unit at cost of 22 mpg combined, it wouldn’t have a chance in today’s market. There are plenty of other compact crossovers offering more in all segments. For example, the HR-V from the same manufacturer delivers 140 hp from a 1.8-liter drivetrain. On the other hand, its gas mileage is almost 30 mpg.

Returning of the old engine is possible. We can find a 2.4-liter mill in CR-V. For this crossover, it makes the same amount of horsepower, but the drivetrain returns 28-29 mpg combined. Also, a turbo-four unit is in the mix. A 1.5-liter engine is good for 190 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque.

2019 Honda Element engine


We still don’t know exact plans for the 2019 Element. The concept is there, and it is just a matter of time when the crossover is coming back. Fans are wondering if it is going to appear in the USA. Well, at this point it is hard to confirm that. Honda has CR-V and HR-V there as compact and subcompact SUVs. The 2019 Element could land somewhere between these two, adding more options to possible buyers.


As the vehicle that should take a position between CR-V and HR-V in size and class, it will give us a hint about the price. So, the Honda Element will probably cost somewhere between $20,000 and $25,000 depending on options. Also, the crossover will get a Touring level, that will make it cost around $30,000.


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