2021 Ford Puma Will Replace EcoSport

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Puma is the new nameplate in the family. However, Blue Oval carmaker is yet to replace the subcompact crossover in the US. The 2021 Ford Puma could debut when the COVID-19 outburst cools down. A 1.0-liter inline-3 engine is not too powerful, but the new model is going to be more efficient than the EcoSport.

The major difference between vehicles is in size. The new crossover gained a few inches, but the new engine will make the fuel economy go better. The US buyers will see the new 2021 Ford Puma at dealerships next season, while we still don’t know where it will be produced. The European version comes from the factory in Romania, while the EcoSport is being produced in many countries. American versions are coming from India.

2021 Ford Puma

2021 Ford Puma Specs

An I3 engine is turbocharged and ready to produce between 100 and 125 horsepower. This is one of the EcoSport’s units, alongside a 2.0-liter displacement. The drivetrain with four cylinders is going to increase outputs to 166 hp and 150 lb-ft. The new 2021 Ford Puma will also get an enhanced model, which is reportedly Puma ST. TopSpeed suggests a 1.5-liter unit is going to deliver around 200 ponies for this version. Also, there are several styling upgrades, including larger front fascia, spoiler, or more aggressive side skirts.

2021 Ford Puma ST
2021 Ford Puma ST – Image credits: TopSpeed

When Will Puma Be Available and How Much It Is Going to Cost?

The new crossover will replace the outgoing EcoSport early next year. The 2021 Ford Puma will bring the new price, slightly higher than we got used to with the existing mini SUV. Still, there is no room for a significant rise in price. On the other hand, if you are waiting for the Puma ST, be ready to spend at least $30,000. Currently, the most expensive EcoSport is priced in this realm.  


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