2020 Ford Explorer To Get ST and Hybrid Versions

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The new Explorer for 2018 season is still fresh. The popular crossover updated its look with new front fascia. Grille, fog lights, and new paint jobs will definitely attract SUV lovers. But, true fans are going to wait for 2020 Ford Explorer and new updates. Why? Well, the US company announced Hybrid version and performance-oriented ST model. This definitely makes the upcoming crossover worth of waiting.

The 2020 Ford Explorer ST will share a lot in common with the new Edge. This is the first crossover in the family to get this badge. But, it is important to all Explorer fans since the bigger brother will be based on it. On the other hand, Ford will also launch a plug-in version of the SUV. The 2020 Explorer should be the first ever crossover by Blue Oval company to get hybrid version.

2020 Ford Explorer side

2020 Ford Explorer ST Performance-Oriented SUV

So, what will 2020 Ford Explorer ST version bring? We already know that in 2019, Edge is going to be the first crossover boosted by TeamRS. Explorer will also benefit from this. Current vehicle is capable to produce 290 hp in the standard version. However, Edge ST replaces the Sport trim. Ford Explorer Sport is already more potent than the base unit. A 3.5-l twin-turbo unit can make 365 hp.

2020 Ford Explorer

The ST package

The 2020 Ford Explorer ST will use a different kind of a drivetrain. It is likely that performance-boosted model will borrow a powertrain from Lincoln Continental. That is a 3.0-liter V-6. The twin-turbo engine is ready to burst at least 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. We say at least since fans of the ST model will expect even more. Instead of a 6-speed transmission, Ford Explorer ST will use the new 8-speed automatic box.

Appearance Updates and Add-Ons

Besides the completely revisited drive system, the 2020 Ford Explorer ST will come with updated styling. The first thing we will spot is huge wheels, probably 20- or 21-inches. As for Edge ST, the Explorer will also get a new look of the front fascia. Bumpers and lighting on both sides of the SUV are more aggressive. Ford Performance badge will show that we must take this crossover serious.

2020 Ford Explorer front

2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid

Not less exciting, the 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid will definitely steal part of the show. There are no exact information and details about this SUV, but other official statements prove that next seasons will definitely bring many electrified vehicles. Ford plans to launch over 20 plug-in and EV cars in next few years. Definitely, F-150 truck is the most thrilling name among all vehicles. But, in the crossover segment, that is Explorer.

Ford Explorer Hybrid Release Date

Ford is not going to make any major updates on the base version of the crossover in 2020. So, that means all attention will be on ST and Hybrid vehicles. Furthermore, it is still questionable if the company will launch both versions at the same time. New release details will be available during next year. Until then, we will monitor news and inform you of the latest updates about the 2020 Ford Explorer ST and Hybrid SUV.


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