2020 Ford Baby Bronco – the First Look

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No other vehicle in recent history hasn’t caused so much attention like the Ford Bronco. The carmaker is bringing back the old nameplate based on the Ranger truck. However, everything about this model is a big mystery. The story is out for a few years, the company confirmed it and even made a few previews, but without precise info. The only certain thing we know about this model is it will offer the so-called 2020 Ford Baby Bronco.

While details about the primary Bronco are not available yet, the baby brother had few appearances. Teaser images were launched and now we have spy photos of SUV’s body. Well, it won’t show you too much, but still enough to know the vehicle is coming.

2020 Ford Baby Bronco new spy photos

Not the First Photos, But the Most Serious So Far

A mysterious boxy crossover SUV was caught a couple of times. But, Ford is testing a lot of models nowadays. Enthusiasts were sure the test mule is the new 2020 Ford Baby Bronco. Now, these stories have another dimension.

This is not the first time the Baby Bronco’s details are leaking. You could already see the teaser image, while the images of the prototype came out after one of Ford’s conferences. Now, the production shell of the new SUV is the next step towards an official debut.

2020 Ford Baby Bronco

What is the 2020 Ford Baby Bronco?

Fans accepted the 2020 Ford Baby Bronco, although we believe the company will name it differently. Still, the stories about the smaller Bronco model, possibly not based on the body-on-frame platform, came out with the abovementioned teaser image. Now, the crossover is more likely to happen as the lighter version of the rigid SUV. Details are still unknown, but the Baby Bronco should keep some of the off-road skills of its twin sibling.

2020 Ford Baby Bronco teaser

Price and Release Date are Still a Mystery

A couple of things about the 2020 Ford Baby Bronco are causing the most question. The first one is the price. As a rival to Jeep Wrangler, the Blue Oval company could launch its model at a similar price. The new version costs $28,000. On the other hand, we don’t know if the 2020 Baby Bronco is coming out before the big Bronco. We will find out soon. The new season is just around the corner.


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