2019 Ford Escape Hybrid Release Date and Price

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The electrification continues in Ford. As well the bidding of which vehicles will get hybrid drivetrains for next couple of seasons. All the most popular models are there – F-150 truck, Mustang, and in crossover category – Lincoln Navigator and Ford Expedition. It might not be as attractive as above-mentioned models, but the 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid has the most chances to appear sooner than later.

The compact crossover already had such engine. However, the production ended in 2012. Reasons – slow sales and the high cost of development. Nowadays, the technology is above the period from 6 years ago. Hybrids are future, and it is just a matter of time when all the vehicles will get such drivetrain. The Blue Oval company plans to do that by 2030. Knowing that the question is –will 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid be classic or plug-in version?

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid, Plug-in, or Even Energi

We already analyzed rumors spreading the info about the Escape Energi crossover. It could be a part of the lineup for the next season. But, we are sure that classic 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid is coming before other two models. It is easier to develop and the company doesn’t have too much time for big experiments. The last one saw a discontinuation in 2012, so the new Escape Hybrid must not fail.

Nevertheless, there is also the slight possibility to see the SUV as the Ford Escape Hybrid Plug-In next season. Either way, lovers of such vehicles will be happy to see another model in the lineup. But, further info is not available yet, so we will stick up for details which come from trusted sources.

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid spied

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid MPG and Specs

Engineers are testing the market for the next generation Ford Escape. Well, this SUV won’t come before 2020. By then, we should see first hybrid units rolling out the production lines.

The 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid will probably use a 2.0-liter unit as the base power source. For the standard model, it comes with a turbocharger. For a hybrid variant, it will be removed. The plain engine in combination with electric battery would be good for about 175 hp. We still don’t know if engineers are after some mild-hybrid or much stronger plug-in. Depending on that, we will see more power, and what is more important better MPG rating.

Gas mileage for a standard hybrid is going to boost fuel economy in city drive. Around 30 mpg would be just found to get combined from the SUV. The 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid Plug-in has a special measure, and it must return at least 100 MPGe to be competitive. This crossover is also coming with the possibility to drive the vehicle by using the only electric motor. In that case, the range will be around 25-35 miles. That should be enough to reach the next refueling station for your 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid.

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid engine

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid Will Make Up All Problems From the Past

The first edition of Ford Escape Hybrid was not so successful. Reliability was not the problem. However, after some while, battery life caused problems, there were more complaints, so the company was at the crossroads. Between costly development and discontinuation, Ford has chosen the second option.

Nevertheless, now they are ready for 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid. This SUV will make everything better. Well, after six years of innovations, we can’t expect the same errors. What’s more, the Escape is getting new calipers and pads to fix issues that caused brake recall in 2017 for the standard model.

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid Release Date

According to trusted sources, the 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid and Expedition Hybrid are first models to debut for next season. While the full-size SUV is going to share the engine with F-150 truck, and Mustang being developed separately, Escape could steal the show next year. Don’t be surprised if you see the crossover already in LA late this year. Even if that doesn’t happen, the premiere won’t miss the nest NAIAS 2019 in Detroit.


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  1. My 2013 Ford C-Max Energi has been a great first step plugin, but after 6 years and 80,000 miles I am seeing some rechargeable battery performance degradation. I have been waiting patiently for Ford to introduce a new plugin that has some real range to it, but after 6 years I am beginning to wonder if I need to start looking elsewhere for my next new car.

    Well Ford, how ‘bout it? Alan Mulally wouldn’t have kept me waiting this long.


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