2019 Focus Active crossover Review – All you Need to Know

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After disappointing first quarter of 2019 bosses in Ford decided to pump more money into the development of SUVs. Sales of sedans are falling, and that is the main reason why next generations of Fiesta, Focus, and Fusion are put on hold. On the other hand, crossover segment is growing. As always, most profit comes from trucks and commercial vehicles, so these three types of vehicles will be boosted in future. In the crossover segment, the company will make space for the production model of 2019 Focus Active crossover.

This concept is still in shadow. Well, the company presented the white silhouette that reminds us of the hatchback. But, carmaker declared it as an SUV. And we will believe it is so. The 2019 Focus Active crossover will bring something new to the crossover range. Buyers are crazy about these vehicles nowadays. With reasons. One of them is almost the same fuel economy as sedans and hatchbacks. On the other hand, in everything, other segment crossovers are dominating.

2019 Focus Active crossover

2019 Focus Active crossover concept

The company is removing all their traditional cars from the US market, except Mustang. Taurus, Fiesta, Focus, and Fusion are old. Visually and mechanically, each of them needs redesign and modernization. That costs a lot. On the other hand, sales are slow, so investment is returning not so fast.

On the other hand, crossover segment is flourishing. This is the second time Ford plans such action. But now, the idea is almost in the production with 2019 Focus Active crossover. Back in 2007, SUVs started their reign. But, world economic crisis hit hard, and buyers opted for more fuel-friendly vehicles. Traditional cars were saviors. The market is recovering, crossovers are more economical, and these cars that once avoided discontinuation will face the same challenge again. This time, we can’t predict if they will manage to survive and how.

2019 Focus Active crossover pros and cons

With the discontinuation of models that are in production for 20, 30, or more years, Ford will leave their fans disappointed. And it is not a small number. On the other hand, the company will pick up the best characteristics of sedans and hatchbacks and then use them to create new utility vehicle. The 2019 Focus Active crossover will combine the best ride interior layouts, infotainment systems, and versatilities from dropped models.

However, being an SUV means Ford will have to create the space for it. Carmaker’s lineup is already full. We believe 2019 Focus Active crossover will be compact SUV. But, there is already Escape. Ford Ecosport holds the spot in the subcompact class. With the growth of the segment, the company could make a new tier between these two. Also, another possibility for the 2019 Focus Active crossover is to be between Escape and Edge.

2019 Focus Active crossover interior

2019 Focus Active crossover specs

The 2019 Focus Active crossover is still just a concept we will see next year. As always, the company is good at keeping secrets. So, details about the Focus Active crossover won’t be available until it debuts.

Nevertheless, rumors are treating this SUV differently. Some believe it will use conventional engines, and others are sure the 2019 Focus Active crossover concept is electric vehicle. It has some logic, since the carmaker is moving toward this goal. In next couple of seasons we will see more and more hybrids, PHEVs, and EVs. Furthermore, Focus electric and Fusion Energi are two futuristic platforms which could be carried over to the new crossover.

2019 Focus Active crossover rear

2019 Focus Active crossover design

All we know about its look is a shadow. Teaser is not telling enough. But, on the other hand, it shows a shape that causes discussion. The topic is – shall the 2019 Focus Active crossover come as a SUV or hatchback. Some see that shadow as the hatch, and others as crossover. Well, the name of the concept should be enough to be sure what kind of vehicle we can expect.

2019 Focus Active crossover release date

During next season we will definitely see the premiere of the 2019 Focus Active crossover. But, it is not going straight into production. The vehicle will be ready for salons and dealerships in 2020. By then, the concept should show us the first images, dimensions, and design of the Focus Active crossover. Also, we believe that company will announce the path of further development. At least, it is going to be clear if this will be electric model, or it brings conventional units as well.


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