Ferrari SUV Is Confirmed, But Sedan Won’t Happen

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Ferrari Utility Vehicle could be the strangest thing you will hear today. However, we are not talking nonsense. Source for this story comes from the heart of the Italian company. At the latest NAIAS Sergio Marchionne, the boss in Ferrari talked about the crossover. But, the topic wasn’t some of the existing models presented in Detroit. He mentioned something called FUV – Ferrari SUV.

Let’s get it straight – can Ferrari make utility vehicles? Their cars are everything but that. But, modern technologies will allow Marchionne to think of it. At the same show, we can see the other company well-known of exotic cars launching the crossover. Lamborghini Urus could be the source of the idea for Ferrari Utility Vehicle.

Ferari SUV

Ferrari SUV Concept

Earlier, other Ferrari’s competitors stepped into crossover market. Probably the most famous now is Porsche. However, the German manufacturer is making SUVs, but not the exotic crossovers. The closest try so far is Urus from Lamborghini. This model can run 190 mph. Ferrari SUV is about to top that. And not only that, but the vehicle aims to go over 200 mph. At this moment, we see it as a far-fetched story by the Italian company.

Ferrari is Not Going to Make a Sedan

Another rumor about the carmaker of luxurious vehicles said that fans could see a sedan. Well, contrary to Ferrari SUV, this plan is rubbished. For now. It seems that all depends on the crossover. If it makes the way in this segment, then it will open the gates for other types of vehicles. Whatsoever, the situation in sedan class is not so great, since other types of cars are stealing its fans.

Ferari SUV rear

Ferrari SUV Engine Options

Ferrari SUV won’t have problems to choose one of the existing drivetrains in its lineup. Also, engineers in this company will be happy to make a new one. Would it be V-8, V-10, or even V-12, we still don’t know. But, what makes us wonder, is how it will work with an SUV? Ferrari sports cars are very low. Crossovers have huge tires and 6-inch ground clearance. Would any or Ferrari powertrains be able to perform the same way on a different body?

One of the options for Ferrari SUV we see as reasonable is a 3.9-litre twin-turbo V-8. This is an award-winning engine that creates 488 hp for Ferrari 488 GTB and 488 Spider. Since all V-10 Ferrari ever had can hardly meet the demands, we believe that V-12 is a more certain option. The unit will be borrowed from the FF roadster. A 6.3-liter powertrain is the biggest engine the company ever produced for a car. In combination with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, it can deliver 650 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque.

Ferari SUV interior

Ferrari SUV Verdict

Let’s be realistic – it is very likely that we won’t see Ferrari SUV anytime soon. Even the words from the head of this company can’t make any fan think about it as the real possibility. Whatsoever, renderings are available. But, neither these can change the impression that Marchionne only wants to turn attention to Ferrari, rather than this story is about to come true.


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