2019 Ferrari SUV Hybrid – No, Seriously?!

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We don’t mention Ferrari too many times when we talk about SUVs. Maybe the only occasions are when we speak of other companies that make exotic cars and crossovers. But recently, we can hear many stories about the Italian giant heading into new projects. One of them was an SUV vehicle, and other is hybrid drivetrain. The most recent rumors are mentioning 2019 Ferrari SUV Hybrid! Crazy or not, we must take this story seriously, especially when hints are coming from Sergio Marchionne, the CEO in Ferrari.

It is not easy to imagine a huge crossover with a prancing horse logo on it. Fans don’t matter what is under the hood and how much aggressive it is. It just has no sense. But, modern trends are pushing all the companies into evolution. So, now we have SUVs by Porsche and Lamborghini. The next one seems to be Ferrari.

This company already has a hybrid vehicle. LaFerrari hypercar was a limited edition product and the test mule for further development. However, Marchionne announced that the production-ready V-8 engine will come next year, but it is not decided yet on which models. Leaked sources are confirming we will see it as 2019 Ferrari SUV Hybrid.

2019 Ferrari SUV Hybrid concept

2019 Ferrari SUV Hybrid Drivetrain

The company works hard to create engine worth of company’s reputation. LaFerrari prototype carried a 950-hp rated V-12 beast that joins power from the conventional drivetrain and electric batteries. However, a V-8 unit is about to take a position under the hood of 2019 Ferrari SUV Hybrid. It will borrow some features from LaFerrari, such as the HY-KERS system. This setup will recharge batteries in the drive. Also, it will boost the petrol unit with 160 hp.

The standard engine should be the F136. But, we still don’t know the displacement of this unit, since it can vary from 4.2-liter to 4.7-liter. Output depends on this since conventional drivetrains can create between 385 hp and 600 hp.

LaFerrari V12 hybrid engine

2019 Ferrari SUV Hybrid Top Speed, Acceleration, and Emissions

LaFerrari needed only three seconds to reach 60 mph. However, the 2019 Ferrari SUV Hybrid will be heavier and it uses a V-8 with less power. Knowing that we can’t expect the crossover to accelerate so quickly. There is no information about top speed as well. The only thing we are sure will happen is a reduction of CO2 emissions. Hybrid is an environmental-friendly creation, that is going to meet all the latest standards and requirements in the auto industry.

2019 Ferrari SUV Hybrid prancing horse

2019 Ferrari SUV Hybrid Verdict

When he was asked about Ferrari SUV a few years ago, Marchionne responded with “You will have to shoot me first”. Now, things changed. Sergio became the CEO, and crossovers are dominating segment on the market. So, the boss in Italian company turned the story. Exotic cars will always be popular. But, it is hard to handle the success. It always wants more. Few competitors are already on the market with their SUVs.

Ferrari can’t let that go so smoothly. Some things need to happen. Marchionne changed its mind, and 2019 Ferrari SUV Hybrid is about to make a serious impact on the crossover market. It is going to be far away from affordable, but the vehicle will make competition in the segment more interesting.


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