Get Ready for the Next-Gen 2021 Dodge Durango

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Durango SUV is one of the most popular vehicles in its segment. It is currently in its third generation. But, it is time for changes. The 2021 Dodge Durango will launch the fourth series of the SUV with some radical changes. The most significant one is the body-on-frame concept that will be the base for the new model. Well, it is not the first time Durango is using it. With the end of the second generation, the SUV moved to unibody concept. Now, it is time for the comeback.

The 2021 Dodge Durango is going to be based on the Dodge Ram 1500. Well, these two are probably the best-known models the FCA is producing. Besides them, there is the Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV on the way as well. It was one of the main Durango’s competitors, although these two came out the same factory lines, sharing the same platform. Now, Grand Cherokee remains on the unibody concept, while the Durango gets a new architecture. That also causes the movement of production.

2021 Dodge Durango concept

What Do We Know So Far About 2021 Dodge Durango?

With more than two years before we see first official concepts of 2021 Dodge Durango, we can’t know too much about the SUV. Well, leaking sources gave us the special update about the new platform. That is the only certain thing we can count on. And all other details are based on this one.


Well, it is not hard to predict some changes. First of all, if the 2021 Dodge Durango starts to use BoF platform, it is not going to be produced at the same place as before. Currently, Durango is rolling out the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit. The next-gen SUV that is going to use body-on-frame architecture will move production to Warren Truck Assembly Plant, Michigan. The 2021 Durango is going to share the same platform as the Ram 1500 pickup, so it is obvious why this switch is so certain.

2021 Dodge Durango warren plants

Development and Investments

It is not so easy to switch platforms and lay the shell on totally different architecture. The FCA can’t mess up with the new 2021 Dodge Durango. First of all, the competition is too tough to give any advantage. The mid-size class in SUV segment shows no mercy to vehicles that slow down. The new platform is a very risky move. It can bring a lot of benefits. The switch plans to BoF already cause a lot of interest. But, the product is where the judgments are important. The FCA steps into a new ground with big plans, so it is totally uncertain how they are going to pull it out.

Just to think about the success, the company must invest a lot of money into this project. We found a source that came out with the sum of $1,1 billion. The huge amount is not only for 2021 Dodge Durango but also some other vehicles. But, we still don’t know what else the FCA is planning. At this point, we are sure that part of $1,1 billion is going to be invested into the next-gen 2021 Durango.


Durango is the star in the SUV segment. It is the most popular vehicle in its class. It is versatile, so even the law enforcement is going to use the special version of the Durango.

So, why the FCA wants radical changes on the 2021 Dodge Durango? First of all, such a big move will draw a lot of attention. Everyone is going to listen about the new Durango. Second – there are not many SUVs built on the body-on-frame platform. That will cut the competition for the FCA’s model, in some way. Fans of the BoF architecture will definitely check the new 2021 Durango. And finally, the company will make more space for Jeep Grand Cherokee. It is a nonsense that two SUVs from the same company compete for each other. With the new platform, Durango is going to create more space for each model.

2021 Dodge Durango redesign

When to Expect 2021 Dodge Durango?

Not so soon. The process didn’t start yet. The SUV will also have one more edition before it heads into the new generation. Furthermore, this is still unofficial information. But, the company wouldn’t let it go out already if they are not stepping up in foreseeable future to confirm them. If the new Durango faces a delay, the FCA is not taking consequences, since they didn’t confirm this info. On the other hand, the publicity is on alert already, waiting for further updates.


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