2020 Dodge Durango Changes Before the Big Redesign in 2021

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A calm before a storm. That is how we can call the next edition of the Durango SUV. After modest changes in 2019, fans will see another slow year. The 2020 Dodge Durango is not getting any major modification. Some new special edition could be there. Nothing big, at all. But, after the 2020 Durango, be ready for a radical update. The SUV is going to change the platform from 2021 and it is moving the production to Warren plants. The body-on-frame concept, also used by Ram 1500 will be the base for that SUV. However, by then, we still have a couple of years to drive the vehicle in current form.

Well, the FCA is not going to let the fans down. They are keeping attention with slight modifications and changes for the 2020 Dodge Durango. Just to make them eager, the company is refreshing the exterior. The 2020 Durango will be the perfect chance to test some things we will see in the next model. Of course, the carmaker is not going to unveil major changes. But, as a testing mule, the 2020 edition is going to fulfill the purpose.

2020 Dodge Durango

2020 Dodge Durango Changes

So, what to expect from the new three-row mid-size SUV? Small modifications comparing to the current edition. Designers won’t have big tasks and goals since the rear deal is waiting right after they finish the 2020 Dodge Durango. Updates of the infotainment system seem to be the major change. Besides that, the company will revisit the rest of the interior. But, only minor touches will recognize only true fans.

Outside, the upgrades are not predictable, but the overall shape and the look will remain the same. Also the dimensions of the current SUV. Designers could shake things up with new details from the next-gen Durango on the 2020 model. However, that is not going to be the final look of the SUV we will see from 2021.

2020 Dodge Durango facelift

Trim Levels, Special Editions

Current Durango is one of the most versatile SUVs out there. You can find a lot of upgrades to the vehicle. Every trim level brings a kind of unique upgrades and looks for the SUV. The entry-level model remains the SXT, and just above it, buyers find SXT Plus. The serious offer starts with a GT trim, and Citadel is one of the most exciting versions. However, the top models are R/T and SRT. All of these trims will reappear with 2020 Dodge Durango.

Further upgrades are possible with unique packages or custom tuning. For example, in 2019 we will see law enforcement Pursuit model built on the V-6 engine. Anodized Platinum is another exclusive upgrade for Citadel trim. Well, in 2020 we can see special editions of other trim levels, such as R/T, or even the base SUV.

2020 Dodge Durango SRT

2020 Dodge Durango V-6 and V-8 Engine Options

Even after the announced redesign in 2021, the FCA is not going to change a lot under the hood of the Durango SUV. So, its lineup remains the same and buyers will choose one of three available engines. Well, not all trim levels are offering the same unit. For example, the most powerful V-8 drivetrain comes exclusively with SRT version.

But, let’s start with the base option. That is a 3.6-liter V-6. This powertrain is good for 295 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. It transfers the energy through an eight-speed automatic transmission. Buyers will get the best fuel economy from a V-6 engine.

The next option is a V-8. A 5.7-liter mill is capable to create 360 horses. But, that is nothing compared to the other V-8 available for 2020 Dodge Durango SRT. A smaller displacement also adds 390 lb-ft of twisting power. Here, customers will still have more option, with AWD and RWD modes on the table. Of course, all-wheel drive consumes more fuel.

At the top of the offer is the SRT model. Besides the cosmetic upgrades and unique features, this version is using the special drivetrain. A 6.4-liter V-8 is there to create 475 horses for the current version. For 2020 Dodge Durango, the same engine could see a revisit and power output boost. Fans hope for a 500-hp rated SUV as soon as possible. So much power and torque are making Durango SRT very thirsty. Combined fuel economy is just 15 mpg.

2020 Dodge Durango SRT specs

2020 Dodge Durango Prices

The update of the SUV is not going to affect the price. As its changes are modest, so it is with the cost of 2020 Dodge Durango. Experts are pretty sure that the new SUV is going to keep its price under $30,000 for the base SXT model. But, SXT Plus will add $5,000 over the entry-level model. Each next trim makes the cost rise for a similar amount. The significant bump buyers will see between R/T and SRT model, with top of the range SUV being priced $25,000-$30,000 more, also reaching $70k mark.

Release Date

The FCA is not going to rush with the debut of the 2020 Dodge Durango. The SUV will arrive in the second half of the year. More attention the carmaker will pay to 2021 Durango and its redesign that will start the new generation. With that one on the way, there is no need for big spending for advertising small updates on the 2020 year model.


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