2021 Chrysler Commander – What We Know So Far?

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Commander was the mid-size SUV discontinued in 2010 under the Jeep badge. Now, the owner of this company, FCA, plans to bring it back. But, it will be called the 2021 Chrysler Commander. It is still unknown where it can fit, with the three-row class now being occupied with new arrivals. We still can’t find the source of these speculations, but there is some sense in this idea.

The 2021 Chrysler Commander can be a hybrid vehicle. It is not strange since Jeep delivers such as Compass in China. But, what does the compact crossover has with the new Chrysler’s nameplate? Also in China, a three-row Compass is called Grand Commander.

2021 chrysler commander

Three-Row and Hybrid Rumors

Speculations hit the FCA where the company needs reinforcements. With the entire crossover and SUV segments becoming greener, the US carmaker is somehow quiet. A hybrid engine for Compass is encouraging and the US buyers are still waiting for a vehicle that will compete with Ford Explorer and Toyota Highlander hybrids.

What’s more, the company lacks three-row SUVs. Yes, we expect Grand Cherokee to get the new layout, but fans are waiting for a few years. Also, the carmaker announced a full-size model, probably Wagoneer or Grand Wagoneer. In this case, seven or eight-seater is guaranteed. But, until this happens, the Dodge Durango offers the highest capacity.


The hybrid engine starts with some speculation about the drivetrains. But, what about the rest of the lineup. A V6 is certain, while we still don’t know if the Commander brings back an old setup that includes a 5.7-l V8 powerplant. Will there be a performance version with a 6.4 engine? Or the offer can start with a more efficient turbo-four drivetrain?

2021 Chrysler Commander comeback

2021 Chrysler Commander Release Date

We could see the 2021 Chrysler Commander out as the concept model. Experts say the FCA will try to revive the old carmaker’s badge by improving the offer and the crossover/SUV class is the best move. Chrysler also added a new MPV this year, so it is not impossible to see another debut in the new segment.

Source: Autoblog


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