Bugatti SUV: Rumors and Facts (Most Expensive SUV Ever)

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Early in 2019 a couple of render images appeared showing something that should be Bugatti SUV. Soon after that, the dementi came from the company. CEOs were precise – the SUV is not in the plans for the near future.

But, these images made us think about the possibility to see the super-luxurious SUV. Also, the company announced the mysterious new vehicle, without too many details about it. With the render out at public, enthusiasts still believe the company will bring the SUV. The only thing we know is the stunning price of at least $1 million.

Bugatti SUV

Bugatti SUV Project Exist (Possible Release Date in 2023)

The company is still denying the existence of the Bugatti SUV. However, Stephan Winkelmann confirmed the super-luxurious model is on the way and it will be ready for 2023. Since we expect Ferrari to launch its prestigious model in this segment, Bugatti will be the next step in evolution. Still, Winkelmann confirms that one nameplate will stand above it – Chiron sports car with the price tag of $3 million.

Bugatti SUV concept

Which is the Most Expensive SUV You Can Currently Find?

With the $1 million tag, the Bugatti SUV will overprice all the competition. The closest thing we can find on the market is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan with the starting price at $325,000. Bentley Bentayga can save you $100k, but the single optional upgrade can double the price. The Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon clock will cost you more than $230,000.

Mercedes AMG G-Class is the most expensive model by the German carmakers. Other SUVs with the price above $200k are Range Rover with SVAutobiography package and Lamborghini Urus. You can get a lot of power by some other SUVs for much less money. Still, the Bugatti is the premium carmaker and you won’t find a similar styling or performance elsewhere.

Source: Car Magazine


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