2020 BMW X8 First Images and Release Date in the USA

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An official hint was enough for rumors about the 2020 BMW X8 to starts flying around. The German company confirmed they are developing the new biggest SUV. But, they didn’t want to confirm any further details. Well, true fans and enthusiasts will know few things about the upcoming X8. First of all, it will be inspired by the brand-new model X7. As BMW X5 and X6, the larger one will get a sportier, coupe-like look. It is somehow a tradition now, that X vehicles with even numbers are getting rakish roofline.

The company confirmed the 2020 BMW X8 in October. Soon, we can expect first spy photos and official updates about the design, engines, specs, and everything else we want to know about the SUV. It is also early to get any details about the M package. But, be sure that this model is about to take the high-end position in the lineup.

2020 BMW X8 release date in US

What We Know So Far About 2020 BMW X8 SUV?

First of all, the new arrival is official. That is the main thing. Second, it will be inspired by BMW X7 SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle). How many similarities we will find between these two and in which sections, we still don’t know. Then, the first pictures are the fans’ renderings. But, that is exactly how every enthusiast imagine the new 2020 BMW X8. Under the bonnet of the new coupe SUV will be a 3.0-liter engine and upper X8M level can get a 4.4-liter V8 beast.

The company didn’t unveil the release date. But, we expect a very similar schedule in 2019 as they had in 2018 for the new BMW X7 SAV. The German carmaker announced 2019 year model at spring, and the debut happened in fall. However, the 2019 BMW X7 will appear in dealerships next spring.

2020 BMW X8 concept

2020 BMW X8 Pictures and Interior

There is no official teaser for 2020 BMW X8. Test mules are still not out, so fans can’t check spy photos either. All we have is a render that shows an X6-field X7 Sport Activity Vehicle.

But, no one expects anything else. When we compare the X5 and X6, the same relation will be between X7 and X8. The 2020 BMW X8 SUV will add a sportier appearance with the coupe-like roofline. This suggests the rear row will again be tight.

However, the company will pack the new SUV with the similar equipment as its sibling. Latest infotainment services with big touchscreen display and rear-seat entertaining system are available for X7. So, why would BMW drop any of these for the upcoming vehicle.

2020 BMW X8M

Currently, the X6M records better sales than its base model. Strange, but true. And obvious reason why we are already in search for details about 2020 BMW X8M.

We can base speculations about upcoming X8 on the existing X7 model. But, there is no X7M either. Yet. But, in future, we can bet the 2020 BMW X8 M and X7 M are going to be part of the lineup. Having a 600+ hp beast will be a statement. The same one Mercedes-Benz have made with its GLS 63 AMG model. So, watch out MB, the company is coming.

2020 BMW X8 price

Release Date and Price In USA

Again, we were really thrilled when we heard of X8 from an official source. Lack of further info made us search for any detail about its release date. And we figured out the coupe SUV is definitely designated for 2020 season. When the things start to cool off with the new 2019 BMW X7, the German company will again draw attention with the fresh release. The X8 for 2020 could become official early next year. By spring definitely. All details about the 2020 BMW X8 SUV will be unveiled in the last quarter of 2019. Sales will start late that year or early in 2020.

And what about the price? How much will 2020 BMW X8 cost in the USA? Again, we can compare the relation between X5 and X6 to paste the pattern on X7 and X8. Gap between smaller SUVs is about $5,000. The new X7 will probably start at $70k. So, expect the 2020 BMW X8 to land between $75,000 and $80,000. The 2020 BMW X8M performance-oriented SUV will carry a six-digit price tag.


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