2020 BMW iX3 Caught Testing, Arrives Next Year

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As all its competitors, the BMW is working on new electric and hybrid crossovers. It is a trend in the automotive industry, and likely the future of automobilism. We can see the spy photos on Carscoops, and experts believe that is the 2020 BMW iX3. The all-electric crossover will be the first one in series of 25 vehicles which will be fully electrified by 2025.

The German carmaker is developing new cars through their new iPerformance program. Fans of this company can already find some electrified vehicles. In the SUV segment, there is X5 xDrive hybrid. The first all-electric products were the i3 hatchback and i8 sports car. However, soon after these, the manufacturer will launch the 2020 BMW iX3 crossover.

2020 BMW iX3
Image took from carscoops.com

2020 BMW iX3 Created by iPerformance Department

This is not a surprise. Launched in 2011, BMW-i is there to focus on hybrids and electric cars. After the success of the hatchback and sport car, now it is time to create a crossover. The i3 can develop 170-185 hp with its electric drivetrain. Bigger, 2020 BMW iX3 is going to create at least 200 hp. Well, this is a goal, and we still don’t know what kind of a drivetrain compact electric SUV is going to use.

Lower Ride a highlight of 2020 BMW iX3 Design

According to what we see from spy photos, differences between 2020 BMW iX3 and standard X3 crossover are visible only to true enthusiasts. However, it seems like that tested vehicle is lower than its sibling. A boost of air flow and aggressive appearance are gained by that. On the other hand, current chassis is holding the electric heart. Whatsoever, it is still early to get final shapes. So, the vehicle we saw probably won’t be the same at the launch date.

Competition and Release Date

BMW is the latest company to join the race in the electric crossover segment. Audi E-tron is could come already next season. This SUV is in advanced phases of development, and it is a favorite to arrive first. However, BMW and Mercedes are not wasting any time with their models. Another competitor to 2020 BMW iX3 will be Mercedes EQ C. Finally, British have their representative in this race, and it is going to be the Jaguar I-Pace. All these models will be launched in few months. However, production will start in 2020.

2020 BMW iX3 side

2020 BMW iX3 Price

If something is really unpredictable about 2020 BMW iX3, that is the price. We can make some guessing, but exact cost of the electric SUV is unknown at this point. Well, X5 xDrive40e costs around $64,000. That is about $6k more than the base unit.

The base X3 crossover costs $14,000 less than its base sibling. Electric model will definitely cost significantly higher due to expensive development. Whatsoever, we can’t say if BMW iX3 will go over $50k mark or not.

2020 BMW iX3 rear

BMW E-Mobility Roadmap

The E-Mobility Roadmap is a list of vehicles the company plans to launch in next few years. Late in 2017, the 2020 BMW iX3 was not a part of the plan. But, we could see 25 mysteriously covered vehicles, and it seems like one of these is iX3. As about future car, BMW is yet to decide the schedule of development.


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