2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV Concept and Production

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Past year definitely didn’t make BMW fans too happy. The company used them on fast evolution and many updates. In 2018 we will have some new additions to crossover lineup. But, the most interesting news is about the 2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV. This concept would be a radical move by company bosses. Instead of developing a hybrid unit, engineers will go straight at fuel cells as a source of power.

This will cause some other changes. The plan is to launch a new generation of a full-size crossover. The largest unit in the segment will not get only the petrol and eventually diesel powertrains. Furthermore, it seems like that BMW is planning to offer this vehicle only to US buyers. Nevertheless, European customers will also get the new crossover. But, we are not sure yet if 2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV will be available.

2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV front

2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV Spy Shots

Rumors about the 2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV are loud, although there is no official announcement of the vehicle. Whatsoever, the regular model is still unofficial. But, leaked sources are confirming its arrival. Whoever thinks these reports are false, spy shots are there to validate them. New X7 is taking tests, and it is a matter of time when it will be presented.

2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV Concept

Very first ideas of fuel cell BMW vehicle date back in 2011. Back then, the German carmaker made initial contacts with Toyota. However, this partnership didn’t last for too long. In 2015, BMW presented two new platforms. Even then, the major problem was lack of charging stations. This is still existing trouble, but now the more companies are developing their electric models, and that could lead to one big partnership.

Nevertheless, the 2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV is becoming more realistic every day. Production of the concept could start next year, although the first plans indicated it as the 2020 year model.

2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV side

2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV Production and Testing

By building refueling stations, BMW and others will solve the major obstacle. This is probably the only huge stumbling block that stops 2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV to enter production. The company is already testing, not only the crossover. Results are magnificent. Vehicles are coming with a range of around 400 miles. The German company plans to build 40 recharging stations for fuel cells only in the US. This will definitely make this model more interesting. It would also speed up the development and the premiere of a production vehicle.

2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV

2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV Release Date and Price

As we can conclude, the release date of 2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV heavily depends on many things. First of all is infrastructure. When we see more of refueling stations, it will be the clear hint that X7 with fuel cell drivetrain is coming soon. Until then, we will wait for the standard petrol unit to appear.

Cost of BMW X7 fuel cell SUV

Predictions about price are even harder to make. The development is expensive. Also, building the charging ports is making it more complicating. The first 2019 BMW X7 fuel cell SUV will cost significantly more than its gasoline sibling. Experts are predicting that regular X7 will carry a price tag of at least.


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