2019 BMW X3M The Latest Updates on Performance-Tuned SUV

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The X3 is one of the best-selling crossovers ever made. Back in 2003, this was the SUV that started the growth of the class. The popularity of these kinds of vehicles is still raising, even now, 15 years after. Meanwhile, the class grew, and now we have different sizes and crossovers with capabilities for an urban and off-road drive. The X3 also gets some changes every now and then. The spotlight in the upcoming season will be at 2019 BMW X3M.

What is the X3M? It is a performance-boosted version, the one which will get on the line with Mercedes-Benz GLC AMG model. Also, another German competitor, Audi, is preparing the upper version of its Q5. With all these vehicles will make the battle more interesting. Although it is not officially confirmed, the X4 crossover could also get an M trim.

2019 BMW X3M

2019 BMW X3M Specs, Engine, Mileage

The 2019 BMW X3M is probably going to borrow the engine from the X3 M40i. And that is a 3.0-liter turbocharged V-6 powertrain. Its 355 hp rating would be enough to start with. Nevertheless, engineers are going to raise the power and torque outputs with slight modifications of the V-6 unit. So, the new BMW X3M will probably be closer to 400 hp and 410 lb-ft.

BMW X3M Gets a V-8 Engine

A V-8 drivetrain is another possibility for this performance-tuned crossover. It is not so likely that 2019 BMW X3M is getting an N63 unit. However, rumors are informing that bosses are considering a twin-turbo DOHC unit for the SUV. With it, the new crossover would be able to burst out at least 450 hp.

Transmission for the crossover is an 8-speed Steptronic. This is the new gearbox, developed for M class of BMW vehicles. Of course, the X3M will use a xDrive system, which also expects some upgrades for 2019 season. The combo will be enough to make the SUV sprint to 60 mph in just 5 seconds. Top speed will be limited to 155 mph.

2019 BMW X3M v8

2019 BMW X3M Styling, Features

With the arrival of the X3 crossover, now predictions are easier to make for 2019 BMW X3M. Most of the design solutions for the exterior will come to the M version. Clearly, this crossover will carry over the sporty LED headlights and huge kidney grille. Under the bumper are larger intakes than on the base model and fog lamps. Also, all chrome parts will get a revisit, and the designer will probably turn them to black.

Interior of the 2019 BMW X3M

The layout of the 2019 BMW X3M and regular X3 SUV will be the same. The base model is pretty elegant and attractive, so there is no need for big updates. Nevertheless, the X3M is a luxurious vehicle for showing-off. So, we can see some special features and systems, so the owners can brag about these.

2019 BMW X3M spied

2019 BMW X3M Price and Competition

With the price tag of $43,000, the X3 already belongs to an expensive segment of crossovers. So, what to expect from a 2019 BMW X3M that will cost at least $60,000? The difference is in a new engine and the luxurious equipment inside the vehicle.

As we already mentioned, the biggest competitors to X3M will come from Germany. Besides the existing Mercedes-Benz GLC AMG and upcoming Audi Q5, there is also the Porsche Macan with many fans that will turn attention to other models.


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