2019 BMW X2 is now more Attractive

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The 2019 BMW X2 is expected to get more upgrades that the current one model. This extraordinary vehicle is definitely something that all BMW fans can look forward, but also those who prefer other brands.

This is due to the fact that BMV will make boom on the market and win the favor of those customers who have so far spent money on other brands. Why this is so, and which are the most important features of the vehicle, you can find out in the following article.

2019 BMW X2 front

2019 BMW X2 – Interior which Hosts Comfort and Convenience

It cannot be said that the predecessor of the 2019 BMW X2 model has negative sides, but this company is always looking for space for improvement. This is the reason for changing the look of the model which consists of more aggressive lines, slightly different shape of the grill, and a modernized roof.

The basic lines remained the same. This means a long hood with prominent lines that break down the monotony and sharp headlights that have been the symbol of the BMW for decades. Body-colored rear-view mirrors and 19-inch wheels add attractiveness. On the back side, we can notice recognizable horizontal lights as well as a compact spoiler.

The interior of 2019 BMW X2 is no less attractive than the outside. This will be one of the most comfortable vehicles thanks to the natural materials and great adaptability to the driver and passengers. Nevertheless, the biggest changes in relation to the previous model will be visible in details.

This is especially reflected when it comes to the M sports X equipment that will bring freshness to the elements of aluminum.

This SUV will have modern dashboard, large touchscreen (8,8 inch) and iDrive infotainment system. Considering that modern life cannot be imagined without the Internet, there will Wi-Fi connection. It is also known that this will be one of the safest vehicles of its kind on the market. The details about this are not yet known.

2019 BMW X2 interior

2019 BMW X2 – Engine Revisions

At this moment we don’t have official words about specification and performance. But from some rumors, the new 2019 BMW X2 SUV will have the same engine like its predecessor.

This means that we can expect 4 cylinder engine and all wheel. In Europe, drivers will have manual transmission while in America it will be automatic with eight speeds. This fast SUV achieves a speed of 60 mph in just 6.3 seconds, which is an excellent result. It is believed that the M Sports model will be even stronger than that. But there are still no details about it.

2019 BMW X2 rear

Availability, Cost and Rivals

Although its concept was presented in 2016 in Paris, the 2019 BMW X2 was spotted in a dumped warehouse where the first photos were made.

Despite this, it is not known when it will come to market. We assume that will be released sometime in 2018. It is speculated that its price will be slightly higher than the predecessor. The Mercedes-Benz GLA and Audi Q2 will be main competitors to this model.


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