2018 BMW Alpina XD4 Biturbo Price and Release Date

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The new X4 crossover by BMW will get a fresh treatment by Alpina. For those that have never heard of it, this company is specialized for tuning BMW vehicles. High-performance SUV is the next one we will see. It will come soon as the 2018 BMW Alpina XD4.

We must mention the difference between Alpina and other aftermarket tuners. This company is recognized by the German Ministry of Transport, and it is official tuner of BMW. Special parts are produced in factories Alpina has in the German city of Buchloe. Then, these parts are being delivered to BMW for assembly. That is exactly how we will get the 2018 BMW Alpina XD4.

2018 BMW Alpina XD4

2018 BMW Alpina XD4 Engine Tuning

The base model for the 2018 BMW Alpina XD4 is compact SUV X4. The new edition is out with two gasoline engine options. Diesel unit was not available for the US market until Alpina didn’t bring it. Now, the XD4 is using a 3.0-liter V-6 turbo-diesel. For regular models in Europe, this engine is good for 310 hp. The 2018 Alpina XD4 makes 380 horses and 570 pound-feet of torque. The setup is similar to the one we can find on XD3 tuning model by the same company.

This power goes to all wheels, and two-wheel drive is not available. Also, the lone transmission is an eight-speed auto. According to tuner’s info, the 2018 BMW Alpina XD4 will be able to reach 268 kmh or 166 mph. The SUV takes only 4.5 seconds for 0-60 mph sprint.


The gearbox of the 2018 BMW Alpina XD4 gets a special tuning. It is the same 8-speed transmission used by the standard vehicle. However, the XD4 will get different gear mapping, so the box can operate smoother. Also, a driver can shift gears manually with steering wheel-mounted buttons.

2018 BMW Alpina XD4 wheels

2018 BMW Alpina XD4 Exterior Modifications

Not only that engine room suffers updates, but also the exterior. Similarities between 2018 BMW Alpina XD4 and XD3 are visible at the first sight. This group is using custom wheels, which are again present in the new model. Also, we can notice on teaser image that XD4 version will have four tailpipes instead of two found on regular BMW X4. Finally, body trim is different than usual, and more like the XD3.


As well as the exterior, the cabin of the crossover is getting an Alpina treatment. The unique dashboard has special digital instruments. Clusters are more appealing. Trademark of Alpina is a blue color, so many parts will come in this paintjob. BMW will take care of the rest of the interior.

2018 BMW Alpina XD4 rear

2018 BMW Alpina XD4 Release date and Price

The 2018 BMW Alpina XD4 will be available for purchase very soon. However, we still don’t know numbers of vehicles limited to all countries. Alpina will definitely launch the most units in Germany, then the UK and the US. Australian buyers hope to see these crossovers in their salons.

The cost of the special edition will be probably $15,000-20,000 more than the regular X4 costs. The tuner company silently released teaser photos. The first thing coming to our minds is to wait patiently for the new 2018 Alpina XD4.


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