2019 Compact SUV Models

The upcoming season in the crossover segment brings a lot of novelties and upgrades. In 2019, we could see probably the biggest competition in every class, from subcompact SUVs to full-size vehicles. Luxurious crossovers are being more and more popular. Also, there will be a larger number of hybrid models on streets.  We already can find official info about some models, while for many there are rumors and spy photos that can suggest an arrival in 2019. Nevertheless, 2018 will be pretty exciting with news, updates, and debuts.

Advantages of sport utility vehicles

Before we start our reviews about each model we expect in 2019, we will see why should you buy a crossover.

First of all – safety

These vehicles could be stylish, more or less powerful, luxurious, or innovative. All these segments could be compared to vehicles in other classes. But, truck and sedans can’t match the level of safety you will find with an SUV.

Crossovers are good performers too

In the beginning, SUV vehicles were big and not so agile. In last ten years, this class developed everything related to driving mechanics. Now, the SUVs are as fast as some sports cars. Also, they can tow nearly as much as some trucks. Capable to run on and off the road, fans will find these vehicles a perfect mix of all advantages from other classes. Finally, its size doesn’t cause huge fuel consumption as before.


Spacious and elegant, crossovers will offer a ride impression which can be found in luxurious sedans. With room for 5-8 passengers, these are the perfect option for long family trips. Also, there is enough room for luggage, while many can tow items on the roof. Finally, any infotainment system can use more features in these vehicles.

So, here is the list of SUVs we can expect to see in 2019.