It is Coming to the USA After Facelift – 2021 Audi Q2 Review

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Back in 2016, when the German carmaker introduced the new model, its fans were crazy about the premiere. However, the disappoint came quickly – Audi was not planning to launch Q2 in the USA. As one of the leaders in the SUV segment, the company didn’t want to mess up its image with the subcompact vehicle. Now, with the growing market, the 2021 Audi Q2 is finally coming to the United States.

The 2021 Audi Q2 will be the new smallest model in the lineup. Also, the company is ready to bring its cheapest version, with the price under $30,000. Currently, the Q3 sits above $31,000.

2021 Audi Q2 spied

2021 Audi Q2 Facelift and Restyling

The company announced a big revisit of the subcompact crossover. The new version will enter the market as 2021 MY and we expect it in the USA as well. Spy photos are unveiling some details. LED lamps are becoming standard, while front and rear bumpers are new. Chiefs said the fresh paintjobs will be available. Appearance in the new market could be one of the reasons for this move.

Spy shots are not unveiling too much of the interior. However, the new layout with dual infotainment screen is becoming the center of the dashboard. Also, there are changes in climate control, safety, and other accessories. Some say the Q2 will find inspiration in the new A4 sedan.

2021 Audi Q2 interior

Hybrid Engine

The drivetrain of the Audi’s smallest crossover is a 1.4-l TFSI. With it, the crossover develops 150 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque. However, we believe the US version will arrive with a larger 2.0 displacement. In this case, the outputs jump to 190 hp and 235 lb-ft. According to announcements, the hybrid version will be ready for the 2021 season and the release in the new market. A 48V motor is going to help the conventional engine achieve better fuel economy results. A plug-in hybrid system is in development as well.

2021 Audi Q2 usa

When Will 2021 Audi Q2 Be Available in the USA?

The company is planning the arrival of Q2 in the second half of 2020. The premiere will happen after the Auto Show in Detroit. Audi missed the convention last time. The sales will start in the final quarter.

Source: Autocar


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