2019 Acura CDX Hybrid Fuel Economy and Release Date in USA

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First, it appeared as a crossover with a petrol engine in 2016, and the latest Beijing car show introduced the 2019 Acura CDX Hybrid. The compact crossover will carry over the luxury to another level. Electric vehicles and hybrids are future in the car industry, and premium models must develop their own models. So it is with Honda’s luxurious branch Acura.

The 2019 Acura CDX Hybrid is based on the Honda HR-V. However, it will add some versatility to the existing lineup. Furthermore, better fuel economy will lead to higher mpg rating, while also keeping excellent other specs. For example, the Acura CDX Hybrid 0-60 mph sprint won’t lose too much compared to petrol drivetrain. On the other hand, the price will get a boost.

2019 Acura CDX Hybrid

2019 Acura CDX Hybrid Debuted in China

The new hybrid crossover is coming to Honda’s lineup. Although 2019 Acura CDX Hybrid had a debut in China, it will be available for purchase in North America, and probably some countries in Europe. At the latest auto show in Beijing we also saw some other interesting concepts, so soon fans could see new names from Acura. Here, count on CDX EV crossover, which is still nameless.

2019 Acura CDX Hybrid Specs

Under the hood of the 2019 Acura CDX Hybrid will be an interesting combination. The company is not official, but experts claim the drivetrain system will use something similar to a Honda Vezel Hybrid engine. That is a combination of 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine and an electric battery. For Vezel in Japan, this drivetrain is good for 130 hp and 115 lb-ft of torque. Also, the same petrol unit is used as the base mill for standard CDX in China. However, it uses a turbocharger and an eight-speed transmission. Vezel’s drivetrain is also automatic and dual-clutch but with one less gear.

2019 Acura CDX Hybrid engine

Fuel Economy

The 2019 Acura CDX Hybrid is not going to gain power from the new system. The conventional unit creates 50 ponies more than the upcoming electric variant. However, the benefit comes with much better fuel economy. Owners of the 2019 CDX Hybrid can count on much friendlier mpg output, especially in the city. The subcompact crossover could easily go up to 40 mpg in urban areas. Also, the max speed will be probably around 120 mph. Finally, for acceleration 0-60 mph the Acura CDX Hybrid will need about 7 seconds.

2019 Acura CDX Hybrid Future

The 2019 Acura CDX Hybrid is, for now, a car for the Chinese market. However, the company brought back this name to test fans and enthusiast. Furthermore, by adding a hybrid drivetrain to its lineup, Honda will definitely go strong into next season. Experts and fans in the USA are already keen to see the CDX there, and we doubt Honda will disappoint them. Whatsoever, the SUV might not come as the 2019 season model.

2019 Acura CDX Hybrid rear


Acura is a premium brand. That means we won’t see their hybrid cost the same as Kia Niro, for example. It is better to compare it with Lexus NX plug-in model that starts from $38,500. The 2019 Acura CDX Hybrid could carry the similar price since these two will be competitors next season.


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